Chicago is getting a mediation program for police misconduct complaints

Chicago is getting a mediation program for police misconduct complaints

To fulfill a requirement set in its federal policing reform consent decree, Chicago has launched a six-month pilot mediation program for less serious misconduct complaints.

It is no secret many Chicagoans, especially Black and Brown residents, have misgivings, or sometimes worse, about the police.

Rebuilding that trust is key and can help keep communities safe, criminal justice experts, neighborhood activists and the top brass of the Chicago Police Department have repeatedly stressed.

In hopes of moving toward that goal and also expediting some low-level misconduct investigations, Chicago kick-started a six-month community-police mediation program last week that will allow residents and the officers to hash out minor confrontations with the assistance of mediators from the Center for Conflict Resolution.

The pilot program is meant to fulfill a requirement set for the city as part of the 2019 consent decree on policing reform. Which means Chicago — albeit with prodding from a federal court order — is finally getting on the bandwagon with other cities that have already successfully instituted mediation initiatives.

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