Find Mediators Near You: Membership Badges

New Badges are now available for both your Directory Listing and for your personal website.

There are two different Membership Banners available: Premium Member and Featured Member.

Featured and Premium Membership Badges Are Annually Updated also offers Mediator Certification Banners. Certification Options are described here. Certification Badges are updated annually

Here is a quick summary of our certification requirements.

  1. At least 100 hours of mediation training and 200 hours of mediation experience, with at least 12 hours of annual continuing education.
  2. Ongoing comprehensive information disclosure, including fees and specific practice area case experience.
  3. Commitment to highest ethical standards, disclosure of professional liability insurance status, availability of references.

Here is a quick summary of the certification review process:

  • To begin the process, and after reviewing all of the information at, an applicant “orders” “ Certification Review.” 
  • A responsive email then provides specific instructions to applicants. 
  • Most applicants take a few days to get all of their information together and posted online in the Directory and/or at the applicant’s web site.
  • Once the applicant believes that his or her information is complete and ready for review, the applicant completes a Certification Application.
  • respond to the application within 30 days.  The response will be either an approval, rejection, request for additional information and/or request for an interview. 
  • In the event of a failure to be approved, the applicant can make one “Request for Reconsideration.”
  • An applicant that fails to gain approval can reapply after 6 months.

Here is a summary of the cost of Mediator Certification.

  • The cost of applying for certification, including all first year certification costs, is $149.  If an applicant is not approved, $99 is refunded.
  • There is then a $99 annual certification renewal fee.  This includes an updated review of presented information and of annual continuing education requirements.
  • To apply for Certification, you must be a Premium or Featured Member of  See
  • It is through your Premium or Featured Member Directory Listing and your professional web site that required disclosures are made.  

Colin Rule

Colin Rule is CEO of Resourceful Internet Solutions, Inc. ("RIS"), home of,,, and a number of additional leading online dispute resolution initiatives.  From 2017 to 2020, Colin was Vice President for Online Dispute Resolution at Tyler Technologies. Tyler acquired, an ODR provider that Colin co-founded,… MORE >

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