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Welcome back to the Community Section, where we are pleased to introduce two new resources for anyone involved or interested in community mediation.

The first of these is a short survey (okay, a pair of short surveys), prepared in cooperation with the National Association for Community Mediation. These surveys will be used to gauge the use and usefulness of online resources to those involved in community mediation — the ultimate goal is to improve the work of NAFCM and of the Community Section to best suit the interests of community mediation. Please visit the surveys:

— we expect they’ll take 15-20 minutes to complete.

The second new resource is an article about an innovative mediation program for seniors developed in central Pennsylvania. The valuable lessons learned over the course of the project’s inception are instructive for anyone involved in community-based dispute resolution activities. Our thanks to the author, Virginia Marcantel, and the to original publisher, the American Bar Association, for allowing us to post the article on the Community Section.

As always, we welcome your feedback on the Community Section. If you know of materials that you’d like to see on this resource page, please drop us a line at or .


Tim Hedeen

Timothy Hedeen Timothy Hedeen is a researcher, trainer, and professor of dispute resolution at Kennesaw State University, Georgia. He serves on the editorial board of Conflict Resolution Quarterly, as chair of the American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution’s Community-based and Peer Mediation Committee, and was past chair of the… MORE >

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