Negotiating Law Firm Layoffs: the Series and Its Links

I do have ONE more post on the “negotiated” resolution of law firm layoffs, using “negotiation” in its broadest sense as in this definition at the online American Heritage Dictionary online.

INTRANSITIVE VERB: To confer with another or others in order to come to terms or reach an agreement: “It is difficult to negotiate where neither will trust” (Samuel Johnson).
TRANSITIVE VERB: 1. To arrange or settle by discussion and mutual agreement: negotiate a contract. 2a. To transfer title to or ownership of (a promissory note, for example) to another party by delivery or by delivery and endorsement in return for value received. b. To sell or discount (assets or securities, for example). 3a. To succeed in going over or coping with: negotiate a sharp curve. b. To succeed in accomplishing or managing: negotiate a difficult musical passage.
ETYMOLOGY: Latin negtir, negtit-, to transact business, from negtium, business : neg-, not; see ne in Appendix I + tium, leisure.First, a directory to the series on this blog:

Negotiating Unemployment:  Hope for Laid Off Lawyers

Negotiating Law Firm Layoffs:  the Two Professions

Negotiating Law Firm Layoffs:  You Can’t Save Your Face and Your Ass at the Same Time

Negotiating Law Firm Layoffs:  Property, Power and Prestige

Negotiating Law Firm Layoffs:  My Part in It

Negotiating Law Firm Layoffs:  Crash and Recovery

Negotiating Law Firm Layoffs:  Good Fortune and Bad

Negotiating Law Firm Layoffs:  the Narrative of Mediation

Negotiating Law Firm Layoffs:  Wisdom from the Trenches

This series has been picked up by the following notable online publications:

Legal Blog Watch by Bob Ambrogi (thanks again Bob) Layoff Lessons from One Who’s Been There

Laid Off?  Might Be Time to Fly Solo at the AmLaw Daily


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