Mine your adr site’s visitor stats for valuable information

From the Mediator Tech blog of Tammy Lenski.

graphKristina Haymes has invited me to comment on the best tools for tracking who’s reading your blog, what’s getting the most attention, and other analytic want-to-knows.

She’s raised an important question, because if you’re not tracking your readers’ and visitors’ habits, you’re missing some terrific opportunities to build readership, increase your visibility, and leverage your ADR blog for greater mediation marketing success.

I know that terms like “metrics” and “analytics,” especially combined with words like “technology” have an effect on some mediators akin to a cold bucket of water thrown on your back while sunbathing. But it’s not all that complicated and you can always find someone to guide you. Here are some resources to get started in your learning about web analytics:

Hope this provides some starting points, Kristina!
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