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Juliana Birkhoff

Reducing Citizen and Child Mass Shootings in the United States Using the Best Knowledge, Experience, and Practices From Conflict Resolution

(12/20/12)Juliana Birkhoff

Last Friday, mediators joined other citizens in the United States as they sat in shock and cried for the 26 people Adam Lanza killed in Sandy Hook, CT. Over the weekend, mediators hugged their children and friends, posted messages in Facebook, and called their families. On Monday, mediators commuted to work thinking, “What can we do”?

Chris Poole

JAMS Remembers Hon. H. Warren Knight (Ret.), Founder of JAMS

(11/20/12)Chris Poole

Judge Knight founded JAMS more than 30 years ago. From its modest beginnings in Santa Ana, Calif. in 1979, JAMS has grown to 26 offices in the United States, London and Toronto, with affiliates in Italy, The Netherlands and Ireland.

Chris Poole

Hon. H. Warren Knight (Ret.), Founder JAMS, The Resolution Experts 1929-2012

(11/17/12)Chris Poole

Hon. H. Warren Knight, retired Orange County, CA Superior Court Judge and founder of JAMS, The Resolution Experts, passed away on Thursday, November 15, 2012 in Newport Beach, CA from complications from COPD. He was 83 years old.

Pieter Sanders

Pieter Sanders, 1912-2012

(10/02/12)Pieter Sanders

It is with great sadness that we at Kluwer received the news of Pieter Sanders’ death. As the founder and inaugural editor of the ICCA Publications, Also see ZZZZZ

Roger Fisher (1922-2012)


Roger Fisher, a pioneer in the field of negotiation and the co-founder of the Harvard Negotiation Project, died on August 25, 2012. A professor at Harvard Law School for more than four decades, Fisher established negotiation and conflict resolution as a field deserving academic study.

Brad Heckman

Remembering Ray Shonholtz

(1/16/12)Brad Heckman

This week we lost a great peacebuilding visionary and pioneer, Raymond Shonholtz. I, along with many others, lost a friend, teacher, partner and mentor. As founder of Community Boards, Ray practically invented the modern community mediation center — transforming the idea from a quasi-court apparatus to full-service hub for community dialogue, intergroup conciliation, and peer mediation — using mediators who reflect the diversity of the community.

Justin Corbett

Ray Shonholtz: The Passing of a Community Mediation Visionary

(1/11/12)Justin Corbett

It is with great sadness that we announce the loss of our friend and colleague Raymond Shonholtz. Ray was a visionary within community mediation from its earliest days. ZZZZZ

Ray Shonholtz: Visionary and Model


It was during the time of Ray Shonholtz transitioning from being the founding director of San Francisco Community Mediation Boards to his founding Partners for Democratic Change that Ray and we worked together. Ray was interested in my thoughts on technology and organizing. He wanted to know how we could help the emerging Eastern European Republics, fresh on the heels of the Soviet Union crumbling. What resulted was the opportunity of a lifetime.

Victoria Pynchon

The Heroes of Flight 93 as Evolutionary Altruism and Spiritual Practice

(9/12/11)Victoria Pynchon

The intended victim of Flight 93 was not its passengers nor its crew. The intended victim was the idea of America. The unintentional heroes were ordinary Americans who could easily have behaved differently than they did when faced with their own destruction. Had they privileged fear rather than action, our memories of 9/11 would include a devastated and smoldering national Capitol.

Paul Kirgis

Hugh L. Carey, 1919-2011

(8/08/11)Paul Kirgis

We received the sad news yesterday that former New York Governor Hugh Carey, generous benefactor of the Hugh L. Carey Center for Dispute Resolution at St. John’s School of Law, passed away.

John Ford

In Honor of Luis Miguel Díaz, Long-Time Contributor to

(6/30/11)John Ford

I had the privilege of knowing Luis Miguel Díaz through my work at From 2000 to 2010, he submitted 20 articles. The first was called 'Mediation in the Year 2051' and the last 'Usurpation Of Freewill In The Age Of Discretion.' Let me share more with you about Luis Miguel Díaz.

Steve Mehta

The World Has Lost A Great Mediator In The Passing Of Ted Kheel

(11/22/10)Steve Mehta

I had noticed in the New York Times that a prominent labor and international mediator, Ted Kheel just passed away at age 96. I also want to thank my fellow mediator Mike Young for pointing out the obituary in the L.A. Times, which also addressed some of Mr. Kheel’s viewpoints. I thought it would be appropriate to discuss a few of his thoughts, as identified in the recent articles.

Ted Kheel

Theodore W. Kheel, Labor Mediator, Dies at 96

(11/17/10)Ted Kheel

For decades, mediator Ted Kheel was a dominant force in labor disputes. He developed his unique techniques mediating teacher, transit and press strikes. Mr. Kheel died recently at the age of 96.

Lou Gieszl

Mediation Field Mourns Loss of Nancy Gardner

(10/08/10)Lou Gieszl

The mediation field mourns the loss of Nancy Gardner, a long-time family mediator and member of the ACR Board of Directors. After a long struggle with cancer, Nancy passed away at approximately 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 6.

Wallace Warfield, George Mason Professor and Conflict Resolution Expert Dies at 71


From the Washington Post - August 26, 2010 - Wallace Warfield, George Mason professor and conflict resolution expert, dies at 71

Andrea Bartoli, ICAR Director

ICAR and Mediation Field Mourn the Loss of Wallace Warfield

(8/24/10)Andrea Bartoli, ICAR Director

Our respected colleague and friend Wallace Warfield passed away August 21, 2010. Also see Washington Post obit.

Phyllis Pollack

A Tribute To Richard Millen

(6/07/10)Phyllis Pollack

As I have mentioned previously, I am the current president of the Southern California Mediation Association (“SCMA”). About a week or so ago, many of us gathered to honor Richard Millen, a co founder of SCMA and a leader in the Southern California mediation community who passed away in March 2010. I attended that tribute and want to share with you my reflections on that wonderful evening...

Lee Jay Berman

Saying Goodbye To The Great Teachers

(6/07/10)Lee Jay Berman

Just one week ago, members of the mediation community gathered in Los Angeles to celebrate the life of our dear friend and mentor Richard Millen (see Mediation World Loses a Patriarch). My friend Phyllis Pollack wrote a wonderful summary of that night in her blog.

Dena Marshall

A Tribute To Rob Williams

(3/22/10)Dena Marshall

This is a tribute to Rob Williams and my contemporaries in the field, the next generation of pillars of dispute resolution professionalism.

Laurel Kaufer

Richard Millen Memorial: Mediator as a Way of Life

(3/11/10)Laurel Kaufer

Richard Millen, a mediation pioneer, teacher and leader, has has died at the age of 89 from cancer. True to his indomitable spirit and desire to bring peace into the lives of everyone he could touch, Richard was was still mediating to the end! The following essay describing Richard was originally written in 2004 by Laurel Kaufer as part of the Southern California Mediation Association's inauguration of the annual Cloke – Millen Award.

Victoria Pynchon

Mourning the Passing of a Great Friend, Mentor, Lawyer and Mediator, Richard Millen

(3/11/10)Victoria Pynchon

I don't think there's a mediator in town who didn't know and love Richard. Now, you'll excuse the presumption, a "real" mediator at any rate.

Lee Jay Berman

Mediation World Loses a Patriarch

(3/11/10)Lee Jay Berman

I am deeply saddened to announce that Richard Millen passed away today. Most mediators in southern California knew and were touched by Richard, whether they knew it or not. He was a motivating power in forming the first court-annexed mediation program in California, in founding the now-mighty Southern California Mediation Association (SCMA), and served on boards and committees advising on mediation policy until his last months.

Robert Benjamin

Jack Cooley - A Paradox of Quiet Brilliance

(7/26/09)Robert Benjamin

John W. "Jack" Cooley, died of cancer at the age of 65, on July 21, 2009, in Chicago, Illinois. He was a highly regarded mediator and arbitrator as well as an inspired teacher, theorist and writer in the field. For me, the highlight of many conferences and meetings over the past years was a quiet dinner or drink with Jack Cooley, often before heading out to listen to jazz. With his passing, we can't allow his brilliance to slip away.

Rene Llapur

A Peaceful Argentinean Leader Died – Raul Alfonsin

(7/13/09)Rene Llapur

Argentina mourns a political leader called Raul Alfonsin in these days. More than one hundred thousand people gave they farewell to their former politician guide in the Buenos Aires streets. This unusual reaction was atypical for the last 35 years, when Juan Domingo Peron, a former and charismatic president had died.

Rene Llapur

Ha muerto en estos días un líder argentino de la paz - Raúl Alfonsín

(4/22/09)Rene Llapur

Ha muerto un líder de la pacificación argentina, el ex presidente Raúl Alfonsín, (1927-2009), que inauguró en 1983, luego de elecciones presidenciales libres, el período de democracia más extendido, ininterrumpido desde 1983 hasta hoy.

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