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Stephanie Barkett M.S. LAW
Practitioner MediatorPractitioner Mediator

Divorce and Custody Mediator

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455 University Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95864
CA 95825


Description of Practice

Stephanie Barkett has Masters Degrees in Family Law and Marriage and Family Therapy and is a cooperative divorce mediator. I provide services for uncontested divorces and complete all the necessary divorce paperwork for couples in the Sacramento area. My experience includes two decades of working in high conflict resolution and resolving emotional distress in adults and children. Divorce and custody mediation vs. divorce litigation is a much more respectful, amicable way to approach the divorce process. My intention is always to assist couples through this difficult process with a feeling that each person's goals are met. I help clients resolve all issues related to divorce to include custody and parenting plans that will ensure the well being of your entire family. My past experience as a Therapist and a School Counselor will provide education and information that will help you make a settlement that is best for all involved.

Professional Background

I've spent my entire career helping individuals, teens, families and couples improve their lives. I have developed a thriving cooperative divorce practice that focuses on providing personal, hands on involvement at every stage of your divorce. My unique experience combines nearly two decades of extensive family and couples conflict resolution experience with a family law degree and mediaiton training and certification. My experience also includes work reunifying families involved in the foster care system and helping adults improve communicaton and parenting. My education includes Master of Sciences in Law and Mediation from McGeorge School of Law and a M.S. in Marriage, Family Therapy and School Counseling. As a trained mediator and consultant I work with children and adults to resolve conflict, emotional distress and the effects of divorce. Currently, I work with couples on the resolution of all aspects of divorce in ways that ensure healthy relationships while in the midst of divorce and long after.


Master of Science Law, Mediaiton and Settlement Master of Science Marriage and Family Therapy Master Of Science School Counseling

Areas of Practice

  • Adult Family
  • Boundary Disputes
  • Divorce (all issues)
  • Divorce (parenting)
  • Education
  • Family
  • General
  • Marital Mediation
  • Parent-Teen

Professional Services

  • Mediator
  • Mediation Consultant
  • Conflict Coach
  • Online Mediator