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Ronald Session
Associate Mediator

The Session Company

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Dallas, TX 75154

Description of Practice

R L Session is a certified mediator with an extensive educational and professional background who has worked with multiple individuals, families and organizations for more than 30 years. He has worked in the criminal justice system, the health care industry, with higher learning institutions and with multiple other professions. Ronald acts as a neutral party assisting his clients in negotiating conflicts and disputes in the areas of divorce, child support, visitation access, civil property, employment and debt.

Professional Background

Worked 6 yrs as a Sr. Dist. Parole Officer with the TX Department of Criminal Justice, 6 years as an auditor and director of a behavioral health penal institution for the state of Texas juvenile justice system, 18 as a Hospital Administrator, 12 as an adjunct college professor instructing in the areas of human development and learning theories, 10 years as a benefits reinstatement hearing officer for the City of Garland TX Housing Authorities, 14 years as a Trans-Parenting Families First educator for the families coping with divorce program. Ronald also has been elected to local office on multiple occasions serving his community, serving 12 years as an elected official for two Texas Special/Municipal Utility Districts boards.


Certified Trained Mediator for 21 years, Section 8 Hearing Officer Garland Texas Housing Authorities for 10 years.


Bachelor of Science: Criminal Justice & Social Science -- Master of Science: Human Relations in Business Administration -- Master of Arts: Counseling Psychology


Dates    Trainer(s)    Title   
June 1997    Dispute Mediation Services    40 hours Volunteer Mediator Traning
Aug 1997    Dispute Mediation Services    Mediating ADA cases 3 hours
Sept 1997    Dispute Mediation Services    Introduction to Arbitration 3 Hours
Sept 1997    Dispute Mediation Services    Race Relations 3 Hours


Ronald has a passion for helping people achieve the positive change they seek. By providing disputing parties an informal, open, and safe setting he is able to assist all his clients in working towards a mutually agreed upon settlement. He serves as neutral third party in the mediation process assisting both parties in their efforts to reach an agreement/settlement that benefits all involved. Ronald's mediation philosophy is simple and two fold. Common sense is always the best place to start and there is room for everyone in the middle.


Cost: Half a day session is $450.00 per party and a full day session is $900.00 per party. Cost for out of town sessions and other services will be discussed on an individual basis. Travel and lodging may impact standard rates.

Other Information

Family First Educator for past 15 years teaching families coping with divorce program. 10 + years as a college professor teaching in the areas of human development and learning theories. Active member of the Texas Medical Group Management Association. Why Choose Ronald Session as Your Mediator Passion: I have a passion for the mediation process and helping people resolve their disputes in a civil orderly manner. Common Sense: Mediation can sometimes seem complicated and confusing because the emotional stress that often accompanies it. Ronald breaks the mediation process down to its common sense essence so that people are able easily and effectively move through the mediation process. Experience and educational background: with a background in the areas of health care administration, education, criminal justice, behavioral health, local politics, and business administration I am able to connect with my clients on a more personal and professional level. Quality: The Session Company is committed to providing the highest level of quality care for all parties we serve.

Areas of Practice

  • Adult Family
  • Civil (general)
  • Community
  • Divorce (all issues)
  • Divorce (parenting)
  • Family
  • Health Care
  • Landlord - Tenant
  • Marital Mediation
  • Workplace

Professional Services

  • Mediator
  • Parenting Coordinator
  • Communication Skills Trainer
  • Conflict Coach

References available upon request.

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