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Prathamesh D Popat
Senior MediatorSenior MediatorSenior Mediator

Prachi Mediation Chambers

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302, Janmabhoomi Bhuvan, 3rd floor,
Janmabhoomi Marg Fort
Mumbai, 400001

Description of Practice

This Mediator is Certified
LEADR Accredited & IMI Certified Mediator. Empanelled Mediator at the Bombay High Court and several institutions/organisations.

Practicing as lawyer (Counsel); Mediator and Conciliator; Basic & Advanced Mediation Trainer; ADR Consultant and Advisor ( Mediation Counsel to parties in Mediation).

Professional Background

Prathamesh started practice as a Counsel at the Bombay High Court in the Chambers of Senior Counsel Aspandiar P Chinoy after being admitted to the Bar in 1991. While initially appearing only in Courts and Tribunals, his practice has become more focused on ADR mechanisms. He has been appointed as Arbitrator in Ad Hoc as also in Institutional Arbitrations, either as Sole Arbitrator or as a member of an Arbitral Tribunal.

Prathamesh had his first brush with the Mediation movement in India when he attended the mediation & ADR conference conducted as a joint initiative of the governments of Australia & India.

After the amendment of the Civil Procedure Code to introduce court-annexed ADR, on observing a mediation training in 2001, he arranged & participated in a training in 2002 at the Indian Merchants' Chamber in Mumbai. He also attended several mediation trainings and related events in India, including those organised by the Bombay High Court. He proceeded to Europe in 2003 and thereafter to Australia for further and advanced trainings in mediation. He received Accreditation as Mediator from LEADR, Australia around 2007 and was later on also Certified as a Mediator by IMI.


Besides doing private mediations, on being empanelled as a Mediator by the Bombay High Court, Prathamesh also mediates Court-Annexed Mediation cases in India. Prathamesh has undergone the Train-the-Trainer's training from several experienced trainers from different jurisdictions and conducts Introductory, Basic and Advanced Mediation Workshops from time to time on invitation of Courts, institutions, business houses and chambers of commerce. For a few years, he was also a faculty member for the Mediation Trainings for senior lawyers, jointly conducted by the High Court of Bombay and the Mumbai University. Though having undergone considerable mediation trainings across five continents, Prathamesh continues taking a variety of trainings periodically in different jurisdictions across the globe. Prathamesh practices as a Lawyer, Mediator/Conciliator, Trainer, ADR Consultant as also as an Advisor (Counsel in Mediation).


B.A.; LL.B


Dates    Trainer(s)    Title   
23/04/2018    IOA selected Faculty    Foundations of Organizational Ombudsman Practice course - 20 hours
23/04/2017    Barbara Manousso    Elder & Adult Care Mediation Course - 20 hours
06/30/2016    IICA Faculty    Civil & Commercial Mediation - 40 hours
10/16/2015    Rita S. Pollak, MA, JD and Linda Solomon, LPC, LMFT    Moving From Self to Community: in Self-Awareness, Ability, Influence - 6 hours
10/15/2015    Julia A. McAninch, PsyD; Louise E. Livesay-Al, JD and Kris A. Algert, JD    Fostering Trusting Relationships in Your Practice Groups - 6 hours
10/03/1015    ABA selected Faculty    Negotiation Institute - 7+ hours
09/11/2014    Stephanie Bell, et al    Mediating The Litigated Case - 40 hours
05/07/2014    SMC selected Faculty    Strategic Conflict Management For Professionals II - 18 hours
09/27/2013    JAMS selected Faculty    Commercial Mediation Training - 12 hours
06/28/2013    Chuck Doran    Train The Trainer Institute - 14 hours
06/14/2013    Lela P Love, et al    Mediation & Other Methods To Foster Democratic Dialogue - 35 hours
10/12/2012    Robert Collins - NYPeace Institute    Divorce Mediation Training - 20 hours
00/07/2007    David A Hoffman & Erica Ariel Fox, et al    Harvard Negotiation Insight Initiative - 50+ hours
28/09/2004    Forrest (Woody) Mosten    Developing Advanced Mediation Strategies
05/00/2003    Pepperdine - Peter Robinson, et al    ADR Tour of Europe
04/00/2003    LEADR - Nina Harding & Anne Kelly Sutherland    Mediation Workshop
22/04/2019    Ken Cloke    Spring Mediation Training 2019 - 32 hours
26/7/2019    Colin Rule, Clare Fowler, et al    Mediating Online - 20 hours
05/22/2020    Jim Melamed, Colin Rule, Clare Fowler    Online Family Mediation Training - 20 hours
06/23/2020    Simeon H Baum & Stephen A Hochman    Advanced Commercial Mediation
13/07/2020    Colin Rule, Jim Melamed, Clare Fowler    Online Property, eCommerce & Workplace Mediation - 20 hours
27/8/2020    Manon Schonewille, et al    Mastering Commercial Mediation
11/11/2020    Woody Mosten & Susan Guthrie    Advanced Mediation Training
07/09.2021    Bill Eddy    New Ways for Mediation Training
04/06/2022    Ken Cloke    The Art of Asking Questions - 4 hours
04/21/2022    Bill Ury    Getting to Yes with BB3 Strategy - 8 hours


Facilitative, Evaluative


Upon Request

Other Information

Founder: Professional Resolutionary, Academic & Conflict Handling Initiatives ( Prachi ); Prachi Mediation Chambers; Prachi Mediation Training Institute Chairman: Mediation, Conciliation & Facilitation Committee, IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Senior Trainer, Mediation & Conciliation Project Committee (MCPC) of the Supreme Court of India.

Areas of Practice

  • Business
  • Civil (general)
  • Commercial
  • Contracts
  • Cross Cultural
  • Family
  • General
  • Intellectual Property
  • International
  • Marital Mediation
  • Online Civil
  • Online Mediation
  • Organizational
  • Real Estate
  • Technology
  • Workplace

Professional Services

  • Mediator
  • Advanced Mediation Trainer
  • Mediation Consultant
  • Mediation Trainer
  • Conflict Coach
  • Mediating Lawyer
  • Online Mediator


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