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Mark Ameli
Senior MediatorSenior MediatorSenior Mediator

ADR Services, Inc.

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1900 Avenue of the Stars
Suite 200
Los Angeles, CA 90067


Description of Practice

Mark K. Ameli, Esq. was the first Iranian American attorney in California to practice tort law, business law and workers compensation law, and he was among the first Iranian American attorneys in the United States of America. His career and experience as an attorney, a mediator, an arbitrator, and a Judge Pro Tem over the past 40 years is recognized and respected throughout the state. He has been described in print as an “effective mediator” who has “a wealth of knowledge” and is “quick and gets to the point” which is the necessary for any sort of dispute resolution.

Mr. Ameli has extensive experience in the resolution of disputes in the areas of general business, contracts, personal injury matters; real estate matters, and; employment matters.

Mr. Ameli uses his perception and experience from both sides of the bench to bring the reality of the case to eyes of the parties. With a patient and honest attitude, Mr. Ameli easily gains the trust of the parties so that he can effectively mediate and ultimately resolve the matter at hand. He also has a particular insight into cross-cultural issues which makes him more capable than most in handling matters that have reached cultural barriers.

People have said that “When he says something, it carries more value or weight than any typical lawyer.”

Mr. Ameli was the Chair of the Conflict Resolution Section with the Beverly Hills Bar Association, as well as the Peace and Conflict Resolution Committee of Rotary International.

Professional Background

Diversified Dispute Resolution, Mediator and Arbitrator 2005-­-2015 Los Angeles Superior Court, Mediator, Arbitrator, Judge Pro Tem 1994-­-2015 Private Practice, Attorney at Law 1980-­-2015


I started Arbitration and mediation for the Los Angeles Superior Court in 1994. In 2005, I formed a company called Diversified Dispute Resolution performed my mediation practice through that company. In 2015 I joined ADR Services, Inc. and presently I mediate and arbitrate through ADR Services. During my years of practice as a litigator and later as a mediator and arbitrator, I have participated in thousands of mediations and arbitrations.


  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics, University of California at Berkeley
  • Master of Arts Degree in Economics, University of Southern California
  • Juris Doctorate Degree, University of West Los Angeles
  • Various Courses in Mediation and Conflict Resolution, Pepperdine University and Harvard University


I do not have a single approach to dispute resolution. Each case will have many turns and a mediation that starts out as a facilitative mediation may turn into an evaluative one at some point. However, I believe that Culture is an important factor that should be considered in all mediations.


$500 per hour with a half day minimum

Areas of Practice

  • Accidents (500 mediated)
  • Business (200 mediated)
  • Civil (general) (200 mediated)
  • Commercial (200 mediated)
  • Contracts (100 mediated)
  • Cross Cultural (350 mediated)
  • Employment (25 mediated)
  • Personal Injury (500 mediated)
  • Real Estate (100 mediated)

Professional Services

  • Mediator
  • Arbitrator
  • Advanced Mediation Trainer
  • Mediation Trainer
  • Mediating Lawyer

This dispute resolution professional keeps professional liability insurance.


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