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Jen Mitchell
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Solace Divorce Mediation

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Solace Divorce Mediation empowers clients to embrace themselves as the absolute best authorities to determine what is in the best interest of their children and to determine a fair and equitable manner to divide the marital property they worked so hard to accumulate. The heart of Solace is children, for we do not want one additional child to be negatively affected by divorce; and the foundation of our practice is self-care and self-love. We provide our clients with the resources, tools, and skills to help them learn, heal, and grow through their divorce journey and to emerge from the process stronger and more aligned with their life purpose than when they began. Solace shifts the way people are viewing and experiencing divorce, from one of destruction to one of empowerment and growth! You are the creator of your life experience, choose to be in control of your divorce journey and use it to change your life for the better! Choose to live an extraordinary life!

Professional Background

Jen Mitchell is a family law attorney in Illinois, with 14 years of experience. Jen practiced as a litigation attorney for the first nine years of her career, serving as the zealous advocate to her clients and advocating for their best interests. After having three children in 39 months, Jen realized that her role in a fundamentally broken family law litigation system was destroying children, families, and people, with the negative effects expanding to the World. As such, Jen referred all of her litigation cases out and started to focus on creating a NEW way to help couples go through the emotionally difficult divorce process. She created Solace Divorce Mediation, which offers a proprietary process that helps couples restructure their relationship from “married” to “friends” or “co-parents” with a solid foundation of communication, trust, and respect. Divorce is just as much a legal process as it is an emotional process. Having gone through her own divorce in August 2019, Jen knows how difficult the emotional roller coaster can be and how important it is to create a strong co-parenting relationship for the benefit of your family. Jen incorporates her life coaching skills into her process to provide valuable resources and tools for clients to utilize that enable them to learn as much as they can about themselves, heal from past traumas and experiences that are blocking them, and grow into the people they were meant to be!


Jen Mitchell has been a certified family law mediator since 2012, and has successfully mediated over 400 family law cases.


University of Wisconsin Madison, BA in Philosophy and Political Science, 1999; DePaul University College of Law, Juris Doctor, 2006; Integrative Wellness Academy, Health and Wellness Life Coach, 2011.


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2010    Margaret Powers    40 hour Family Law Mediator Training
2021    20 hour Mediating Divorce and Family Agreements Online


As a former litigation attorney, Jen's approach to family law is to build people up as opposed to tearing them down. Jen is committed to changing the way people view and experience divorce, empowering couples to embrace their power as the absolute best authorities to determine what is in the best interest of their children and a fair and equitable manner to divide the marital property that they worked so hard to accumulate; and encouraging clients to use this difficult time as an opportunity to grow!


Clients are only charged for the time spent in their case and provided with a Menu for Services and an estimated "range of fees" representing a typical case to help manage expectations. All time recorded in our Clio case management system for clients to view.

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