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Gary Roberts
Gary Roberts & Associates

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580 Village Boulevard Suite 300
West Palm Beach, FL 33409

Description of Practice

When you have been injured in an accident, by a medical professional, an attacker, or know someone that is suffering from substance abuse you need someone that you can turn to for help with your legal needs. The West Palm Beach personal injury & medical malpractice lawyers at Gary Roberts & Associates are skilled legal advocates who will zealously represent you through all of your legal matters. Not only are our West Palm Beach medical malpractice lawyers experienced in the law, but our staff includes trial lawyers with medical backgrounds, a board certified neurosurgeon, and a registered nurse. We are adept in both the legal and medical professions and can help ensure that you are getting the full compensation that you deserve.

Professional Services

  • Mediator
  • Online Arbitrator
  • Online Mediator
  • Mediating Lawyer
  • Parenting Coordinator
  • Collaborative Professional
  • Arbitrator
  • Facilitator