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Fern N. Gershone
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FERN Mediation

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1919 YMCA Lane
Minnetonka , MN 55305
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Description of Practice

I am a skilled Mediation and ADR Professional, offering over 37 years of experience in the areas of mediation, conflict resolution, facilitation and creative problem solving - all essential in alternative dispute resolution. I have worked in the areas of health care, labor relations, business, education, housing, harassment and consulting. I am recognized as a Qualified Neutral under Rule 114 of the Minnesota General Rules of Practice.

I provide a more affordable, less stressful alternative to litigation and help keep parties in control of their own future by facilitating the process, allowing the parties to develop their own solutions. My role is to guide the parties through the process and help them exchange perspectives and information in a collaborative, respectful manner while supporting parties in meeting their goals.

Productive conflict fuels our creativity and growth and is a normal part of our lives. Destructive conflict is debilitating both personally and professionally. While conflict is inevitable – damaging relationships is not. I address the situation in a respectful, compassionate environment where constructive dialogue can take place to transcend conflict and arrive at solutions to problems that otherwise may evoke fear and loss. My mediation clients experience a sense of trust in my ability to understand their needs and to help achieve reasonable, unified settlements.

I practice client-centered mediation, tailored to meet the objectives of each engagement as defined by the parties.

Professional Background

During my career in Human Resources and Employee-Employee Relations and Labor Relations, I participated in a significant number of mediations including: employee/employee; employee/supervisory; team-mediation and team-building; conflict resolution; grievance hearings, contract negotiations, training and skills development. In addition, I have done mediation with Hennepin County Housing Court, Hennepin County Harassment Court and Community Mediation with the Conflict Resolution Center. Additionally, I have a variety of mediation experience not affiliated with the above.

I am a member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section of the Minnesota State Bar Association (MSBA). I have spoken on a variety of topics to groups ranging from 5 to 500.


I have been involved in work-related mediations (including but not limited to: labor-management; supervisor/manager-employee; employee group-manager; EEOC; employee-employee; manager-manager). In addition, I volunteer with Hennepin County as a Mediator in Housing Court as well as Harassment Court. I continue to practice mediation in all of the areas listed under AREAS OF PRACTICE AND NUMBERS OF CASES.


Metropolitan State University,
Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN
B.A. - Human Resources University of Oklahoma-Tulsa Campus,
Tulsa, OK
M.A. - Training/Human Relations


Dates    Trainer(s)    Title   
9/2020    Conflict Resolution Center (CRC)    Zoom 201 2
9/2020    CRC    Zoom 101 (Logistics/Ethics) 2
2020    CRC    Mediation 1.5
2020    CRC    Mediation Ethics 2
2020    CRC    Landlord/Tenant Law 1
2020    CRC    Co-Mediating 1
2020    CRC    How To End A Mediation 1
2020    CRC    Zoom - Intro 2
2020    MN Bar Association    Alternative Dispute Resolution 1
2019    CRC    Conflict Coaching 16
2019    CRC    Elder Mediation Training 4
2019    CRC    Counsel About Counselors 1
2019    CRC    When There's No Agreement 1
2019    CRC    Ethics In Mediation 1
2019    MSBA ADR Section    Religion in Mediation 1
2019    Elder Justice Center    Elder Mediation 2
2019    CRC    Housing Mediation 1
2019    Houghtaling/Labine    Mediation in Harassment Court 2
2018    CRC    Mediating Workplace Disputes 1
2018    Labine/Houghtaling    Mediation in Housing Court 2
2018    NORTHPOINT    Eviction Prevention Pilot 2
2018    CRC    Mediation Course Rule 114 30
2018    MSBA ADR Section    All Conflict is Relational 1
2017    MSBA ADR Section    Prep For Productive Mediation 1
2017    MSBA ADR Section    Handling Difficult Questions 1
2017    MSBA ADR Section    Review of Rule 114 1.5


My approach and style of mediation is determined first by understanding the needs and relationships of the parties and the nature of the dispute. Once this is determined, I tailor my style to meet the needs of the parties. My mediation approach is client-centered, allowing the parties to proceed in their own direction and at their own pace so that the process meets their unique needs. I utilize various procedures and techniques so that clients are able to have a more constructive dialogue and outcome. I use rules and intervention techniques to help the parties remain focused, define issues, gather information, develop option, evaluate solutions and structure an agreement. I do pro-bono work as time permits.


Fees are paid at an hourly rate determined by the type of services. I offer a one hour initial consultation at no cost prior to entering into an agreement to mediate. The purpose of the consultation is to review the mediation procedures and to determine whether mediation is an appropriate method for the parties.

Areas of Practice

  • Adult Family (2 mediated)
  • Agriculture & Ranching (1 mediated)
  • Bullying (20 mediated)
  • Civil (general) (20 mediated)
  • Community (3 mediated)
  • EEOC (10 mediated)
  • Employment (100 mediated)
  • Family (5 mediated)
  • General (30 mediated)
  • Health Care (4 mediated)
  • Labor - Management (75 mediated)
  • Landlord - Tenant (17 mediated)
  • Non Profits (5 mediated)
  • Online Mediation
  • Pet Mediation (1 mediated)
  • Sexual Harrassment (15 mediated)
  • Victim - Offender (10 mediated)
  • Workers Comp (20 mediated)
  • Workplace (37 mediated)

Professional Services

  • Mediator
  • Communication Skills Trainer
  • Fact-Finder
  • Mediator-Arbitrator
  • Mediation Trainer
  • Mediation Consultant
  • Staff Developer
  • Conflict Coach
  • Strategic Planning
  • Facilitator
  • Online Mediator

References available upon request.


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