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Erik M. Feig
Feig Mediation Group, LLC

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Bethesda, MD 20817
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Description of Practice

We help parents and families when communication is difficult, so that they can have constructive dialogues with each other about important issues that are hard for them to have on their own.

We have a particular interest in working with the unique issues and challenges facing parents in neurodiverse families and families with special needs, including those having 2E (Twice Exceptional), GTLD (gifted talented learning differences), Autism spectrum (ASD), dyslexia, dysgraphia, and other language processing differences, social / emotional regulation issues, and the variety of other learning and behavioral differences. We also work with families living with chronic illness and similar challenges.

What sets us apart from other practices is our focus on mediation as more than a means for “amicable disengagement.”

Our approach is built upon our belief that constructively engaging on conflict can create opportunities when parents and families are empowered to step back and, with support, examine what’s possible while taking into account their needs, goals, and values.

Doing so requires a willingness to engage that often can be difficult when conflict sets in. It can be transformative to have a supportive process with a neutral resource who can facilitate the conversation to help get through the sticking points.

We appreciate that every family and every business we work with is unique. Our goal is to provide a process that helps them find ways to align on the future.

Professional Background

Erik M. Feig founded Feig Mediation Group, a full-service boutique mediation practice, to help parents, families and businesses when communication is difficult. He is a mediator, accomplished attorney and a parent of three amazing children.

Mr. Feig’s extensive toolset upon which he can draw for the benefit of the mediation clients he serves sets him apart from so many practitioners with “traditional” notions of what mediation can achieve. He is trained in both family and commercial mediation, and has 25 years as an accomplished attorney and corporate general counsel having built a reputation as a hands-on, trusted partner who “gets” his clients and who helps them prevent crises and create opportunities.

Combining all of this with a background in engineering and as a parent in a Neurodiverse family, Mr. Feig helps his clients expand their perspectives to see the bigger picture so that they can better explore what’s possible.


B.S. (Mechanical Engineering), Cornell University

J.D., Fordham University School of Law


We appreciate that sometimes staying aligned means getting support for conversations and decisions that are difficult to have on your own. In our experience, this is true both for families and for businesses.

We provide a process for constructive, restorative dialogue intended to empower our clients to move past the points where they get "stuck", so that they can:

Understand each other's perspectives, interests, needs and goals

Evaluate possibilities in a collaborative, informed manner, and when possible,

Align on the future.


Our fees are billed on an hourly basis. Please contact us for details.

Other Information

As a parent of children who are behaviorally and emotionally diverse, I understand how difficult it can be for even the most engaged and collaborative parents to stay in step with each other. As an attorney and business executive, I’ve seen so many ways that teams and businesses can find themselves struggling to restore alignment and teamwork once conflict sets in.

In my experience, having a neutral resource to help navigate difficult issues and facilitate constructive conversations, and who can help explore where goals and interests could realign, can be transformative.

-Erik M Feig, Founder

Areas of Practice

  • Adult Family
  • Business
  • Contracts
  • Copyright
  • Divorce (all issues)
  • Education
  • Elder
  • Family
  • Intellectual Property
  • Marital Mediation
  • Online Civil
  • Online Family/Divorce
  • Online Mediation
  • Partnership
  • Special Education
  • Technology

Professional Services

  • Mediator
  • Mediating Lawyer
  • Facilitator
  • Online Mediator

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