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Barbara Peterson
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Melbourne, FL 32934


Description of Practice

The more I mediate the more I become excited about the numerous benefits of conflict resolution. Nothing is more satisfying, to me, than to observe those who were tied up in disagreements reach a mutually agreeable resolution. We, as mediators, guide the process; the work and outcome belong to the individuals! They, and certainly their family and circle of friends, benefit enormously from bringing their disagreements to the table, and then working through them to resolve their issues. If you are expierncing conflict, whether it is because of divorce, other family disputes, or business-related problems, contact me so that I can help you resolve the issues. I have brought decades of experience, in the business and healthcare sectors, to my mediation practice. I am certified in Civil, County and Family Courts by the State of Florida Supreme Court. During the past 7 years, I have helped hundreds of people resolve their conflicts. I work with a sliding fee schedule and travel throughout the state of Florida. In addition to my mediation practice, I mentor other mediators, and teach those taking the certification courses, so that I can share my experience with them. I welcome the opportunity to speak with you. I will offer you an honest assessment regarding your situation. If I can't help you, I will try my best to refer you to someone who can. My number is 321-536-8287.

Professional Background

I enjoy the benefits of a diverse background; family owned business management, administration of physician office practices and executive hospital leadership. These various vocational experiences provided me with the opportunity of learning business principles while I was completing my educational requirements. The years in hospital administration created an opportunity for me to become involved in patient care, staffing issues, insurance and physician relationships. Throughout my career, I have been able to develop the conflict resolution skills that serve my clients today.


Participation in the Family Mediation program in Brevard County, Fl. since 2003. I have handled divorce cases that included working through the parenting issues suce as custody, time-sharing and child support as well as assisting in the division of marital assets and liabilities. I have also developed a private practice, specializing in family mediation. In addition to my family practice, I have volunteered in our county court program, helping individuals who are involved in numerous disputes in small claims court. A new area of mediation has been developed to help homeowners facing foreclosure. As mediators, we must be familiar with the alternatives available to those facing foreclosure and assist the banks and families reach an agreement regarding properties that the individuals can no longer afford.


Bachelor of Science Degree, Barry College, Miami, Fl. 1982 Masters in Business Administration with a Certification in Health Administration, University of Miami, Miami, Fl. 1993


Dates    Trainer(s)    Title   
2002    Mel Rubin, Gary Cantor    Circuit Civil, 40 hours
2003    Perry Itkin    Family, 40 hours
2007    Chip Rose    Collaborative Symposium, 16 hours
2009    Collins Center    Foreclosure Prevention, 8 hours


I believe the mediation process begins with the initial contact with the individuals, and continues until the agreements are signed. Throughout this process, one must be exquisitely sensitive to the nuances of mediation; active listening to what is being said, and not being said, is a skill required of a successful mediator. Understanding of the parties' emotions, respect for their situations, and maintaining confidentiality are essential qualifications. Finally, assisting the parties to shift from their position to one of what is best for the family and children benefits the family as a whole. This requires patience, understanding and empathy.


My fees vary from $175.00 to $400.00 per hour, depending on the complexity of the issues, the amount of time required to resolve the conflict, and the income levels of the participants.

Areas of Practice

  • Adult Family (15 mediated)
  • Business (25 mediated)
  • Criminal (5 mediated)
  • Divorce (all issues) (1,000 mediated)
  • Family (15 mediated)
  • Health Care (10 mediated)
  • Insurance (5 mediated)
  • Marital Mediation (5 mediated)
  • Medical Malpractice (5 mediated)

Professional Services

  • Mediator
  • Mediation Trainer
  • Collaborative Professional