Meditation is Not the Same as Mediation

Meditation is not the same as Mediation



Two words, distinctly different meanings. Yet often confused by the eye, ear and mind because the words are spelled somewhat similarly and maybe sound alike to people when spoken. Yet it’s useful to distinguish between the two for when a stressful situation arises and we find ourselves in critical need of help.

Mediation (me-di-a-tion) is, according to the Oxford Dictionaries, “intervention in a dispute in order to resolve it.”

Meditation (med-i-ta-tion) by contrast is defined as “the action or practice of meditating, or contemplation, pondering.”

Why this is important — mediating is a process of helping two or more parties define, clarify and understand a dispute and then work through the emotions, misconceptions, resistances, interests and other challenges to effectively manage or resolve the conflict.

It’s a professional skill and service.

It has attractive qualities, when practiced ethically, of:

Confidentiality and privacy.

Impartiality or neutrality.


It’s an emotionally and financially less expensive problem-solving process and can be legally less painful.


Allows people to speak more deeply and be heard for thoroughly.

It encourages empathy.

It encourages the people proposing solutions and negotiation them.

It satisfies in a way that the courts alone often can’t and don’t.

Mediation (med-i-ta-tion), as described above is not discipline or dispute resolution.


Michael Toebe

Michael is a conflict management specialist, serving businesses and individuals in strategically, effectively gaining deeper understanding of conflicts and disputes and working through them more protectively and wisely. MORE >

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