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3 Mediators in Alabama

Sarah Fischer
After stepping away from big-firm legal practice and spending years developing an expertise in connection and community-building, Sarah Rutledge Fischer returned to the legal realm and established a mediation and collaborative law practice, Thresholds LLC.  Located in lower Alabama, but serving clients virtually wherever the need arises, Fischer has focused…
Fairhope, Alabama
Keith Belt
Keith Belt is an Alabama personal injury lawyer who thrives off of maximizing a client’s financial recovery after someone else’s negligence. As an experienced trial lawyer, Belt has achieved incredible results including over 55 verdicts and settlements of over one million dollars. Since opening our doors, we have obtained more…
Birmingham, Alabama
Dennis Goldasich
Semi-truck crashes, industrial accidents, product failures and surgical mistakes can leave their victims with catastrophic injuries, facing tens of thousands of dollars in medical costs, months of recovery and often a lifetime of disability and challenges. The Birmingham personal injury law firm of Goldasich, Vick & Fulk takes a special…
Birmingham, Alabama