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Jeremy Pollack
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Pollack Peacebuilding Systems

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Description of Practice

I am an anthropologist and conflict resolution consultant in Silicon Valley, but regularly traveling between my San Francisco Bay and Los Angeles offices. I focus on the psychology, social dynamics, and peacebuilding methodologies of interpersonal and intergroup conflicts.

As a conflict resolution consultant in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, I focus on core human needs, where many conflict specialists believe conflicts truly lie. I help individuals get clear on which needs they perceive as being threatened, how we might get those needs satisfied, and how to more effectively communicate with other parties involved in order to get everyone's needs met as sufficiently as possible.

Professional Background

Jeremy holds a Master's degree in Evolutionary Anthropology from California State University, Fullerton under anthropologist John Patton. His thesis research was in the evolution of religious cognition and intergroup conflict.

Jeremy also holds a Masters degree in Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, and Peacebuilding (NCRP) from California State University, Dominguez Hills. Currently, he is a researcher at Stanford University, where he leads research in social psychology and conflict resolution as an interdisciplinary effort between the Stanford Social Concepts Lab (Dept. of Psychology) and the Stanford Center on International Conflict & Negotiation (Dept. of Law).

Jeremy is also currently a Research Fellow at Stanford University, where he does interdisciplinary research in social psychology, negotiation, and conflict. As a conflict resolution consultant, Jeremy has mediated conflicts between couples, co-executives, and organizations, aiming as often as possible to transform relationships and create Win-Win resolutions for all parties involved. He also works as a personal development coach, helping individuals discover internal conflicts impeding them from living happy, fulfilling lives. His intrapersonal coaching practice is held under the brand Inner Warrior Coaching.


10 years


M.A., Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, & Peacebuilding M.A., Anthropology


I am to solve problems and transform relationships to be more productive and fruitful.


Other Information

Jeremy is an avid martial artist, holding a black belt in Hapkido as well as high-level belts and instructor certifications in a variety of other styles. He sings and plays guitar in a classic rock/blues band, loves to travel, and has recently taken up blacksmithing.

Jeremy served as member of the armed forces from 2014-2016 in the Military Police unit of the California State Military Reserve, a component of the Army National Guard (CA). Family and friends are at the top of his priorities, as is his spiritual and psychological growth. He is constantly curious about the world, the mind, and the prospect of helping others achieve greater internal peace. Jeremy lives between Los Angeles, CA and Silicon Valley, San Francisco, CA.

Areas of Practice

  • Community
  • Congregational
  • Cross Cultural
  • Employment
  • Natural Resources
  • Non Profits
  • Organizational
  • Public Policy
  • Workplace

Professional Services

  • Mediator
  • Online Mediator
  • Communication Skills Trainer
  • Systems Designer
  • Staff Developer
  • Conflict Coach
  • Strategic Planning
  • Collaborative Professional
  • Facilitator

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