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Gina Weatherup

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Chantilly, VA 20151


Description of Practice

As a workplace mediator, I specialize in two areas:

- Partnering with HR to handle the intransigent conflicts whose effects they see rippling throughout departments (or an entire workplace);

- And, helping triage problems between co-owners who no longer see eye-to-eye - and may not be able to stand even being in the same room together.

What makes me stand out? When it comes to mediation, I only do workplace - and my other work focuses on helping leaders build happier workplaces. Give me a call today: 703-951-6647. Solving problems should never wait.

Getting you on the same page is what I do. As a trained professional mediator, I use a facilitative process to allow all parties to speak their own truths, with the common goal of coming up with your own solution - one all parties can stick to.

Choosing a mediator is about a lot of things. Beyond recognizing the need for professional help to resolve a conflict, you also need to consider:

- Costs - mediation is cheaper than firing & rehiring, closing down a business because you don’t see eye-to-eye with your partner, or going into the judicial system to have a judge declare a winner and a loser.

- Accessibility - mediation can be done in a room together, at a third party location, or online - we offer all three options.

- Personality & Experience - you really need to talk with the mediator you plan to hire to understand the process and get a feel for what it would be like to work with this person. That’s why we do free phone consultations for all parties before any costs are

Professional Background

Prior to becoming a mediator, Gina had a career in nonprofit & business communications. She also holds a Professional Certificate in the Science of Happiness at Work.


MA, Women's and Gender Studies/Public Policy, The George Washington University


Dates    Trainer(s)    Title   
2/27-3/2 2018    Tracey Pilkerton Cairnie and James Q. Pope    Mediation Skills and Practice, 30 hours
4/23-24, 2018    James Meditz and Catherine Baker Wingfield    Mediation Practicum


Improving communications has always been at the center of my career. From undergraduate classes and a graduate teaching assistantship in Women’s Studies, to working in equal employment opportunity for the U.S. Army, to organizing and lobbying to improve health care funding and access, to helping small businesses create strategic plans and improve their online presence. For me, the central skill to all of these roles was active listening.

Active listening is most effective when you do more than simply reflect: Suspend judgments about a person and what they say until you hear them out. Have compassion. Be open to the idea that, perhaps, we can find common ground.

Other Information

Member, Mid-Atlantic Facilitation Network (

Areas of Practice

  • Business
  • EEOC
  • Employment
  • Non Profits
  • Organizational
  • Sexual Harrassment
  • Workplace

Professional Services

  • Mediator
  • Online Mediator
  • Communication Skills Trainer
  • Mediation Consultant
  • Strategic Planning
  • Facilitator

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