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John Daly

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Palm Bay, FL 32905


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Sometimes, despite the best of love and intentions, a relationship has to end. If that happens, there is so much to work out. Often there are children and decisions have to made about how time will be shared with them. There is property to be divided and living arrangements to be made. It's important to move forward with life, but it is too hard to sit down with the other person and work things out. This is where a mediator can help. I am dedicated to helping couples come to mutual agreement on these issues. I have been a Certified Florida Family Law Mediator for over 10 years. In addition I have been a mathematician, software engineer, attorney, and historic preservation consultant. This broad experience helps me work with a variety of clients as they resolve their issues.


Both spouses meet with me for about 30 minutes to get acquainted and decide whether there is a reasonable chance that mediation may resolve some or all of the issues. There is no charge for this introductory session. If we agree to proceed, I suggest three two-hour sessions. In the first two hour session, we try to identify the issues. In the second two hour session, we hope to find solutions to those issues that both parties can accept. At that point I like everybody to go home, cool off and consider the agreements made so far. A divorce is far more serious than buying a car or household appliance. You will both live with the decisions you make for a long time. It’s important to be sure everyone is comfortable. Hopefully in the third session we will finalize the agreements. The final step is to reduce the agreement to writing, prepare the packet of paperwork required to get through the court system, and make the divorce a reality. The mediator will prepare the documents that reflect the agreement. The Supreme Court has prepared packages of the additional forms that are required and it should be possible for the couple to leave well prepared to complete the formal process of divorce.


My fees are flexible. In general, I offer a 30 minute get acquainted meeting without cost or obligation. Following that we can agree on a package of three two-hour sessions for $900, or if you prefer I can work with you on an hourly basis at $200 per hour.

Other Information

A mediator will not give legal advice. It is sensible for each party to consider having an independent attorney give advice on legal rights. The goal of mediation is to find a solution with which each party will be comfortable. That solution may not reflect the best that a party might be legally entitled to, but separation and divorce are about emotions more than law. If both parties are happy and can live with the agreement, all is well.

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