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Linda M. Beitz
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Solutions Through Dialogue, LLC

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Chicago, IL


Description of Practice

As founder and CEO of Solutions Through Dialogue, I work with business, education, and non-profit leaders and teams committed to creating organizations where people flourish and produce extraordinary results in community with one another. Conflict is a normal part of our lives – a natural outgrowth of our diverse nature as human beings. Productive conflict fuels our creativity and growth. Destructive conflict is debilitating – personally and professionally. While conflict is inevitable – damaging relationships is not. We can choose words and actions that transform conflict into conversations that foster trust, shared understanding, common ground, increased productivity, and results. While there is no shortcut to gaining more ease when in conflict, the support of a neutral third party can accelerate building this conversational skill set. The following services are offered for individuals and groups seeking to increase their leadership effectiveness and/or are mired in a difficulty and committed to getting un-stuck and back on the path to productive resolution through effective conversation: Executive Coaching - Individual and Team (including conflict coaching); Coaching Talented Leaders with Abrasive Behaviors; Workplace Mediation; Workplace Dialogue Facilitation (mediation with a small "m"); and, Small Business Mediation.

Professional Background

My professional experience has been as an administrator, facilitator, mediator, coach, consultant, evaluator, trainer, author, and teacher. I've worked with schools, non-profits, State Departments of Education, Small Claims Court, community agencies, businesses, couples and individuals. A lifelong commitment to community service has also greatly contributed to my belief that extraordinary accomplishments are possible when you have a strong foundation of positive relationships.


Certified mediator since 2008 practicing in workplaces, schools, businesses and with individuals and families. Please refer to Resume for listing of clients served.


  • Doctorate (Ed.D) in Education Administration, Indiana University
  • Masters in Special Education, University of Illinois
  • Bachelors in Special Education, University of Illinois


  • Certificate: Academic Ombudsperson Training, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Certificate: Appreciative Inquiry – A positive model for organization and social change, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland OH
  • Certificate: Conflict Dynamics Profile, training from Eckerd College, Florida
  • Emerging Healthcare Communities Inaugural Event – conflict resolution and collaboration in healthcare communities, Half Moon Bay, CA
  • Advanced Elder/Adult Family Mediator Training, Elder Decisions, LLC Newton MA
  • Loving Couples, Loving Children Curriculum Training, Gottman Institute, Stowe VT
  • Certificate: Mediation and Conflict Resolution, Woodbury College, Montpelier VT (now housed at Champlain College, Burlington VT
  • Advanced Mediator Training, Global Insight Initiative, Omega Institute
  • Harvard Negotiation Insight Initiative – Program on Negotiation, Harvard Law School
  • Intensive Arabic, Summer Language School, Middlebury College, VT


Dates    Trainer(s)    Title   
2007-08    Woodbury College Mediation and Conflict Resolution Program    Multiple courses; 400 plus hours
2008-16    Multiple trainers and courses    Please refer to resume attached below


Solutions Through Dialogue conflict resolution services emanate from a philosophy of “being the change you want to see in the world”. We guide and empower our clients to use self-awareness and effective speaking and listening to be a force for positive change.

Our facilitation, coaching and mediation services help people engage in conversations “across divides” – essential when working and living in and a diverse and interconnected world. We believe that conflict in human affairs is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be destructive. Differences can be harnessed and transformed for growth!

Getting support to engage and manage conflict productively can also improve your bottom line. The cost of workplace conflict is estimated to be in the billions. Why? Too often, individuals and groups find themselves in the kind of communication that results in harmful loss of trust and damaged relationships that can have unwanted economic or personal consequences. Stress, depression and illness are just but a few of the manifestations of living with unproductive conflict. Consider the alternative: enaging conflict in growth producing ways.

The most effective people in organizations and groups are those who step into, not away from, conversations aimed at shifting conflict dynamics in positive ways.

Areas of Practice

  • Bullying
  • Business
  • Community
  • Education
  • Non Profits
  • Organizational
  • School/Education
  • Special Education
  • Workplace

Professional Services

  • Mediator
  • Mediation Consultant
  • Mediation Trainer
  • Staff Developer
  • Facilitator
  • Communication Skills Trainer
  • Conflict Coach
  • Strategic Planning

References available upon request.


      L. BEITZ Resume 2018.pdf L. BEITZ Resume 2018.pdf