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Darrel Lewis
Senior MediatorSenior MediatorSenior Mediator

Darrel Lewis Mediator & Private Judge

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8801 Folsom Blvd, Suite 172
Sacramento, CA 95826
Fax: 916.386-8952


Description of Practice

Retired from the Superior Court in 1999, Judge Lewis brings over 20 years experience as a general trial judge in Sacramento, California. His assignments included presiding judge of the appellate department, full-time civil law and motion calendars and full-time civil settlement conferences. He brings to mediation a unique combination of judicial insight and authority, formal mediation training, keen listening skills and an empathic personality that allows him to communicate effectively with people from all walks of life. He has been particularly successful in resolving cases involving employment law, trusts and probate, professional malpractice, real estate, home owner associations, business, construction, products liability,and personal injury.

Professional Background

Judge Lewis was elected in 1979 and quickly established himself as an impartial and astute judge of civil law. As Supervising Settlement Judge he conducted or supervised over 2,000 settlement conferences encompassing all areas of civil law.


His devotion to Alternative Dispute Resolution is widely recognized. He was selected as 1999 Peacemaker of the Year by a consortium of seven organizations that promote ADR and was selected judge of the yearby the trial lawyers. He produced Saturday seminars on facilitative mediation techniques for Sacramento's pro tem settlement judges.


Judge Lewis' approach to mediation differs from most retired judges in that he is more patient and facilitative and is successful in establishing rapport with clients from all walks of life. However,he can, and will, speak with the authority of a judge with over 20 years on the bench when needed to bring a case to resolution.


Your investment in my skill and time is $400 per hour. I have no administrative fee,facility fee or non-refundable deposit. My minimum fee for one day (8 hours of mediation and prep time)is $3,200. 1/2 day (5 hours of mediation and prep time) is $2,000. Given at least two week's notice, there is no cancellation fee.

Other Information

Judge Lewis is a great listener and most mediations result in a resolution that is satisfying to all sides. The old saying that if both sides are upset it must be a good settlement simply does not apply here. Persistence pays off. Judge Lewis simply does not give up on cases and simply keeps the parties communicating until resolution is reached. He has settlement agreement templates so that when agreement is reached a signed agreement can be produced in minutes in most cases. He follows up by telephone if a resolution is not reached during the mediation and keeps encouraging the parties to settle until they do so.

Areas of Practice

  • Aviation (5 mediated)
  • Business (50 mediated)
  • Civil (general) (200 mediated)
  • Commercial (50 mediated)
  • Community (15 mediated)
  • Construction (50 mediated)
  • Contracts (50 mediated)
  • Cross Cultural (10 mediated)
  • Elder (15 mediated)
  • Employment (75 mediated)
  • Engineering (5 mediated)
  • Estate Planning (30 mediated)
  • General (100 mediated)
  • Insurance (20 mediated)
  • Land Use (20 mediated)
  • Landlord - Tenant (15 mediated)
  • Legal Malpractice (10 mediated)
  • LGBTQ (2 mediated)
  • Marital Mediation (2 mediated)
  • Medical Malpractice (10 mediated)
  • Partnership (20 mediated)
  • Personal Injury (50 mediated)
  • Police (10 mediated)
  • Probate (25 mediated)
  • Real Estate (50 mediated)
  • Technology (5 mediated)
  • Trust Management (20 mediated)
  • Workers Comp (5 mediated)
  • Workplace (10 mediated)

Professional Services

  • Mediator
  • Fact-Finder
  • Arbitrator
  • Mediator-Arbitrator
  • Mediation Consultant
  • Mediating Lawyer