Luella Nelson
Luella Nelson

Luella Nelson

Full-time arbitrator and mediator. Primary focus is in labor and employment matters; however, I have also assisted parties in resolving disputes involving commercial and real estate disputes.

Full-time arbitrator and mediator since 1986. Public (neutral) member of the Oregon Employment Relations Board, 2003-2004. Former Counsel, Senior Counsel, and Field Attorney for the National Labor Relations Board.


J.D. 1976, Harvard Law School
B.S., Economics and Political Science, Macalester College

Areas Of Practice

  • Employment
  • Labor - Management
  • Workplace

Additional Services

  • Arbitrator

Fees and Provisos

Labor Arb: $3,000/day for each scheduled hearing day, study and writing.
Labor Med, Med-Arb, Arb-Med, pre- and post-hearing work: $600/hour
Expedited Arb, Class/Group Cases, Complex Cases: $3,800/day.
Interest Arb, Employment Arb, Fact-Finding: $600/hour
$3,000/travel day for over 4 hours’ travel time from nearest office. Actual cost for transportation, food, lodging, incidental expenses. Mileage at .60/mile. If the dispute is more than one time zone awayfrom Pacific time, I arrive at least 2 days beforehand to reduce jet lag, with food, lodging, and expenses billed.
Interim bills for fees and expenses after multiple days of hearing/sessions, between and after non-consecutive days on the same matter, and after air or rail travel. Fees are reviewed periodically. Fees at the time of appointment apply to initial dates scheduled; added dates may be billed at a higher rate. Advance deposits may be required. Simple interest at 1.5%/month (18%/year) may be added to accounts remaining unpaid after 30 days.
CANCELLATION OR POSTPONEMENT (divided equally between the parties unless they agree otherwise): If a hearing/session is postponed or canceled within 28 days of the first scheduled day, per diem or 4 hours’ fee, as applicable, for each scheduled day. For matters scheduled for 5 or more days, cancellation fee applies to scheduled day(s) removed from calendar at any time. Per diem and travel time and costs charged if I begin travel to the location before receiving notice of the cancellation.

Professional Associations

  • ABA DR - ABA Section of DR
  • AAA - American Arbitration Assoc.
  • ACR - Assoc. for Conflict Resolution
  • ADRNC - Assoc. for DR of N. California
  • AFM AP - ACR Acad. Family Mediators AP

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