Janetta Coleman, MS, LSW, CMP
Janetta Coleman, MS, LSW, CMP

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Janetta Coleman, MS, LSW, CMP

Janetta M. Coleman, MS, LSW, President of Genesis Mediation of Indiana LLC, is a licensed Social Worker with 25 years of experience working with children and families, author of Surviving Foster Care: A Journey of Self-Discovery, and is a registered Domestic Mediator. She serves on the board of the Indiana Association of Mediators (IAM) and on various boards within the community such as the Indiana Association on Adoption Child Care Services, and was the Region 7 Representative for the National Association of Social Workers for Indiana.  She has presented at the Annual Office of Family and Children State Directors Conference, the Indiana Association of Child Advocacy and Resources, and has testified in front of state legislators on behalf of foster youth.  She has served as a Task Instructor for the Indiana University School of Social Work and worked as an adjunct Professor at Ivy Tech College.

She is also a co-trainer offering domestic mediation training courses to judicial officers, attorneys, social workers and other professionals. The course is certified by the Indiana Supreme Court and it qualifies participants to be registered as divorce mediators. To learn more, click here.

Dedicated to seeing couples choose a cooperative path to benefit their children, Genesis Mediation was created where a seed of hope can be planted for a better tomorrow.


Divorce Mediation

Genesis Mediation of Indiana LLC will guide you through the process of initially filing for divorce, also know as “Dissolution of Marriage”, to the final preparation of the dissolution.  There are no time limitations outside of the state mandatory waiting period of 60 days after the initial filing for dissolution to become final.  During that waiting period mediation will proceed to address all necessary matters.   The dissolution is considered “final” when the presiding judge reviews the Marital Settlement Agreement, Waiver of Final Hearing, the Decree of Dissolution of Marriage and a Judgment Entry has been made.

Parenting Plans

Parenting plans can be addressed within the dissolution of marriage proceedings or after the dissolution of marriage.   Over time parenting plans need to change and mediation can be used to adjust the plan even if mediation was not utilized during the original dissolution of marriage.

Parenting Plans for Children with Special Needs

For parents with special needs children Genesis Mediation of Indiana LLC understands the additional pressures that present themselves in addition to the dissolution of marriage.  Genesis will take great care in understanding the needs of your child(ren) from an educational, physical, financial, and social aspect.

Parenting Coordination

Parenting coordination is a court ordered, child-focused dispute resolution process in which a Parenting Coordinator is appointed to assist co-parents by managing conflicts, redirecting the focus of the co-parents to the needs of the child, and educating the parties on how to make decisions that are in the best interest of the child.

The overall objective of parenting coordination is to assist high conflict parents in implement their parenting plan, to monitor compliance with the details of the plan, to resolve conflicts regarding their children and the parenting plan in a timely manner, and to protect and sustain safe, healthy and meaningful parent-child relationships.

Genesis Mediation of Indiana LLC offers professional parenting coordination services with a focus on positive outcomes.

Elder Mediation

Elder mediation provides a forum for family decision-making. It is private, confidential and completely voluntary. Mediators facilitate a purposeful and directed conversation in which family members are encouraged to express their interests and concerns.

Caring for our aging loved ones is challenging process with peaks and valleys.  Having all family members agree on important issues regarding a loved one can be difficult. Elder mediation provides families a structured way to communicate with one other about the care of an elder family member, to address estate planning, and to make important decisions about end-of-life care.

Elder mediation promotes constructive dialogue during the decision-making process with respect for the elder’s wants and needs.

Genesis Mediation of Indiana LLC offers professional elder mediation services with a focus on cooperation in achieving what’s in the best interest of the elder and their family.


Master of Science (Business Mgt.) – Indiana Wesleyan

Bachelor of Social Work – Indiana University

Areas Of Practice

  • Autism
  • Divorce (all issues)
  • Divorce (parenting)
  • Elder
  • Family
  • Marital Mediation
  • Online Family/Divorce

Additional Services

  • Advanced Mediation Trainer
  • Communication Skills Trainer
  • Mediation Trainer
  • Parenting Coordinator

Liability Insurance

  • Yes

ADR Training

  • 40 Hour Domestic Mediation
  • Parent Coordination
  • Elder & Adult Family Mediation

Professional Associations

  • Academy of Professional Family Mediators
  • Indiana Association of Mediators
  • National Association of Social Workers - Indiana Chapter
  • Meeting Professional International - Indiana Chapter

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