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The Long Life Of An Implied Warranty

From the Blog of Phyllis G. Pollack.        What is the duration of the implied warranty of merchantability under California’s Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act (Civil Code §1790 et seq.) (“The Song-Beverly...

By Phyllis Pollack

Liderazgo Positivo: Construir el futuro con imaginación e idealismo

El artículo que se ofrece a continuación es un extracto de uno de los capítulos del libro Liderazgo Positivo: construir el futuro con imaginación e idealismo, vale decir que no...

By Franco Conforti

The Varying Roles of the Mental Health Professional in Divorce

This article will briefly outline the traditional role of the mental health provider prior to the client’s involvement in legal proceedings, and will then address the provider’s varying roles in...

By Rachel Virk