Mediator blah…blah…: Two interesting questions

The secret is out mediation has the potential to be a million dollar business.

Stop, and read that again. What a powerfully motivating statement. I get teary just thinking about how much good that means in the world.

Count Me In

I glean a lot of valuable information from the small business and women entrepreneur markets but we have a sort of love/hate relationship. Wonk that I am, I love pouring over articles for business principles that can be applied to mediators. But, it annoys me to have to ‘read between the lines’ and extrapolate so much.

So when I read that Count Me In, the leading national non-profit for micro-loans for women entrepreneurs, selected a mediation practice as one of the winners in it’s Make Mine A Million Program you know THAT got my interest. The program goal is to inspire a million women entrepreneurs to develop businesses that reach 1 million in annual revenues by 2010. I’m intending to be one of them, and I hope you are, too.

Peace Talks

Diana Mercer, Esq. and Tara Fass, LMFT run Peace Talks, a multi-disciplinary mediation practice servicing family and divorce clients, which won the honor. (not only did they get bragging rights, they got mentors, money and a wonderful community) I was so excited at the news I called Diana immediately.

Although I was nearly tongue-tied with admiration, I managed to convince her and Tara to do an interview with me. The notion of a holistic practice combining the knowledge a therapist and attorney makes a ton of sense to me. (I’m an affiliate for the Boston Law Collaborative, a blended practice in Boston) The question for many practitioners, perhaps even you, is how do you do that successfully? Happily, these dynamic women will share their insights with us.

Thanks Geoff

And, you can read Diana’s thoughts on practice on a recent post by Geoff Sharp. Click here to read mediator blah…blah…: Two interesting practice questions

Try. Fail. Learn. Grow! Dina


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