Mediation and Conflict Resolution Services Offered

We provide mediation for a wide variety of family issues, including: 

Mediation for Separation and Divorce 

  • Comprehensive marital settlement agreements 
  • Temporary separation agreements 
  • Post-divorce dispute resolution 
  • Child support recalculations 
  • Parenting plans or dispute resolution for unmarried parents
  • Special issues affecting gay and lesbian couples

Mediation for Other Family Matters

  • Elder and adult family mediation
  • Pre-nuptial agreements 
  • Family business and estate disputes


  • Our office offers the option of co-mediation. With co-mediation, both of us--John and Donna--participate in each mediation session, working together as a team to help both clients.

Training and Facilitation

  • We provide conflict resolution training for businesses, schools, religious congregations, governmental agencies, and other organizations.

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