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Mediation Used In Health Care Labor Relations

From the Disputing Blog of Karl Bayer, Victoria VanBuren, and Holly Hayes.

When we saw this link on about nurses requesting mediation to achieve safe staffing levels, we wondered where else mediation was being requested in healthcare conflict.

A search found that in September, mediation was used, but failed, between the Minnesota Nurses Association and St. Luke’s Hospital in Duluth, MN. A nurses’ union in New Jersey requested mediation in July for their negotiations with hospital management. In June, negotiators for Twin Cities nurses and 14 hospitals met with federal mediators to attempt to resolve differences regarding a new labor contract.

We welcome your comments on the use of mediation in health care labor relations.


Holly Hayes

Holly Hayes Bovio received a Masters in Health Administration (MHA) from Duke University and her undergraduate degree from Southern Methodist University. She holds a certificate in mediation from Texas State.  Holly brings a strong hospital operations background to healthcare mediations including a focus on clinical quality.  Holly managed her own consulting… MORE >

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