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Keynote Speaker: Temple Grandin! is excited to announce our Mental Health Conference, September 28-30, 2022! We will focus on Helping Our Circle: including ourselves and our clients. With advocates from the autism, suicide awareness, psychology, human resources, ombuds, and special ed fields, we will learn how to best support different fields.

At this conference we will examine how mediators can support mental health, and explore many questions such as: How does ODR harm or help our mental health? How can mediators discuss sensitive issues without retraumatizing participants? How can we support our clients with an ongoing neuro diagnosis? How can we shift our focus from labels to behaviors?

Deliverable: We will walk away from the conference creating intakes, process, and standards that you can use for your own practice.

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We will also be looking at how we can support participants’ and practitioners’ mental health through a variety of lenses, such as workplace, university, children, divorce, ombuds, etc. We would love to hear what topics you are interested in.
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Dr. Temple Grandin

We are humbled to announce that the guest speaker for our Mental Health Conference is renowned scientist, author and speaker, Dr. Temple Grandin.

Temple Grandin has long been an advocate of communication, and the importance of supporting diversity in mental health.

Learn more about Temple here: 
Review her books here: (we recommend Thinking in Pictures, Navigating Autism, and Bright Not Broken).
And watch the movie about her early life here:

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