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The MarketPlace features leading providers of mediation and conflict resolution training, education and practitioner services. The Marketplace is at Full information is at

The MarketPlace replaces our historic featured listing service which will end November 1. All historic featured listing traffic will on November 1 be redirected to the MarketPlace.

With our new system, every MarketPlace Location is accessible from every page of by our pop-up MarketPlace map! Note “MarketPlace” in the second location on the left side of

There are 15 Locations available on each MarketPlace Block. The first 5 Locations are Anchor Locations. The next 10 are Rotating Locations. MarketPlace participants control their banner message on an ongoing basis.

A Rotating Location $75/month. An Anchor Location is $125/month. There is a 15% discount with annual pre-payment.

MarketPlace participants have ongoing access to page view and click-through statistics.

Visit for complete information or call 541.345.1629.

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