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This policy statement governs the selection and operation of Featured Blogs located at

1. Inclusion

Blogs are included, or not, as a Featured Blog upon recommendation and in the sole discretion of the Editors of and Resourceful Internet Solutions, Inc. Blogs are included if they address an area of interest in the mediation community, if they are well-written, and if the author has displayed an interest in blogging continuously and consistently. If interested in being considered, send a request, including a link to your blog, to editor(at) retains the right to edit your blog for consistency, clarity, grammar, and to remove external links and/or graphics that detract from the text, sell a practice or product, or make it difficult for mobile readers.

2. Continuance

The fact that a blog is selected as a Featured Blog does not guarantee inclusion of this blog in this program for any specific time period. Blogs may be deselected and no longer included as Featured Blogs at any time in the sole discretion of the Editors.

3. Required Graphic

So long as a blog is included in the, Featured Blog program it must post the provided graphic “ Featured Blog”  be linked to the url  This graphic must appear in the first screen visible at the top of each Featured Blog.

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