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ADR Process & Professional Selection Tool

The ADR Process & Professional Selection Tool allows users of dispute resolution services to propose an ADR process and one or more professionals to the “other side” in a dispute.

The other party is then able to respond either by selecting one or more of the proposed professionals, or by proposing another process or another set of professionals. 

What follows are a sequence of images showing each step of the ADR Process & Professional Selection Tool:

1.  Search the Directory at: Directory Main Search Page 
2.  Mark Acceptable Professionals on the search results page:

Mark acceptable professionals

 3.  Save your acceptable professionals

4.  Enter brief case information:

Summary of Case Information

5.  Copy of Email Sent to Other Party:

Copy of Email Sent to Other Party

6.  Email Received by Other Party:

Email received by other party

7.  Confirming the Acceptability of Arrangements with the Other Party:

Confirming the Acceptability of Arrangements

8.  Confirming Everything “A Go”


9.  Final Email to Selected Professionals Confirming Their Selection

Final Email to Acceptable Professionals Confirming Their Selection

10.  Final Email from Submitting Party to Responding Party Moving Things Forward

Final Confirmation Initiating Party Email to Responding Party


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