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Mediation Training ONLINE

Mediation Training ONLINE
Mediation Training Online
Become a Private Mediator and earn $125-$225 per hour. You may take the Mediation Training ONLINE. The online mediation course is self paced and you will have access to the Director for any questions and or clarifications you need.

Earn an Excellent Income Mediators in the United States earn $125.00-$250 per hour only working a few days a week. Mediation fees range from as $250- $1500 per day. The fee is based on the number of parties and length of the mediation. You will set your own hours and determine your prices in your practice.

Why Become a Mediator? Mediation is a career that is not affected by a downturn in the economy—it is recession proof in a forever-growing industry. Litigation continues to grow by leaps and bounds and there will always be lawsuits. One of the biggest misconceptions is that you have to be an attorney to be a mediator. This is simply not true! There are no educational requirements other than the certification training we provide, so mediation may be performed by: Real Estate Agents, Teachers, CPAs?, Lawyers, Paralegals, Attorneys, Supervised Visitation Monitors, Family Counselors, Social workers, Retired Law Enforcement and Therapists.

Basic Mediation Training ?Introduction: The following student learning objectives establish a standard body of skills and knowledge which will provide participants an introduction to basic mediation. They provide a basis for the typical 40 hour basic mediation training and are not intended to limit or restrict additional learning objectives that trainers or Dispute Resolution Organizations find appropriate. Mastery of these skills is achieved by completing a mediation practicum program. Course Objective: Upon completion of the course the participant will demonstrate the ability to conduct a complete mediation, employing the skills, strategies, and processes outlined in the training. Visit our website today or give us a call 951-289-5289

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