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DIY Conflict Resolution

DIY Conflict Resolution
"Nance Schick has done a masterful job at identifying the many conflicts that affect our lives … and to seeing the ways we are “conflicted” on a number of fronts. She also encourages us to challenge the assumption that tension and conflict always need to be the order of the day. The examples are clear and engaging (and sometimes, hitting a little too close to home), and the personal stories are compelling. The book contains practical, actionable tips to help us get out of conflict WITH conflict by helping us identify it, embrace it, transform it, and move on. I’m a colleague of Nance’s who read earlier drafts of this book (full disclosure)—and I think that any reader will appreciate Nance’s spirit of generosity and the clear, non-judgmental process she outlines." - Nina Kaufman, Esq., Business Exponential

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