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Peace at Work

Peace at Work
Proven, practical, step by step guidance on how to bring the skill of mediation into the workplace. The book is suitable for HR professionals and also workplace mediators.

“The growing field of workplace mediation has lacked a comprehensive best practices guide. In Peace at Work, John Ford – long-time mediator and former managing editor at – offers HR professionals an indispensable guide for workplace mediation. My prediction is that this book will rapidly become required reading for both workplace mediators and HR professionals.”
Jim Melamed, CEO,

“This book is a simple yet elegant guide for the HR manager to enter the workplace mediation experience. Its arrival could not have come at a better time for organizations that have a desire to build their internal capacity to be conflict competent. John writes with clarity and passion. His writing is based on his extensive experience in the field and his desire to demystify a skill that every HR manager needs.”
Carole Houk, Carole Houk International, LLC

“John Ford has followed his search for peace through the legal system and across the globe. He has seen the full spectrum of conflict: international human rights grievances, corporate system design, high-conflict divorce, and community justice disputes. He has combined this experience into one book with one goal: improving the workplace. John has a highly tuned intuition for bringing volatile, seemingly disparate people into a productive relationship. His book shows the clear process for addressing workplace conflict and gives advice on handling different types of conflict. It is a gift to HR managers.”
Dr Clare Fowler, Managing Editor,

“John Ford offers a lucid and highly practical introduction to workplace mediation which incorporates key insights regarding managing conflict communications and emotions. Peace at Work is a ‘go to’ reference for HR managers who want to improve their organization’s ability to manage conflicts and disputes.”
Craig E. Runde, Director, Center for Conflict Dynamics and Mediation Training Institute, Co-author (with T.A. Flanagan) of Becoming a Conflict Competent Leader: How You and Your Organization can Manage Conflict Effectively

“John Ford has written a useful and important book on workplace conflict, designed specifically for HR professionals. It offers sound practical advice, important insights into workplace conflict and the mediation process, and a unique perspective on conflict communication and the quality of ‘presence’ which we ought to bring to our work. I recommend it highly, not only for HR managers, but also for workplace mediators and anyone who would like to know how the process works.”
Kenneth Cloke, Author of Resolving Conflicts at Work: Ten Strategies for Everyone on the Job

“John Ford’s conception of the mediator’s stance is pure genius, and an important contribution to the field. He approaches mediation from the inside out, which is exactly right. If there were ever a shortcut to mediation mastery – in the workplace or anywhere else – this is it.”
Eileen Barker, Author of Forgiveness Workbook: A Step by Step Guide

“John Ford embodies many of the values the conflict-resolution field holds dear: active listening, emotional intelligence and open-heartedness. Those traits are why he is such an effective mediator, and why he has such insight into workplace dynamics. This book, growing out of John’s wisdom, will be an essential resource for all HR managers looking to build peace within their organizations.”
Colin Rule, Author of Online Dispute Resolution for Business: E-commerce, B2B, Consumer, Employment, Insurance, and other Commercial Conflicts