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Ed'sitorials on Mediation

Ed'sitorials on Mediation
Ed'sitorials on Mediation
A Curmudgeon's Wit and Wisdom On the Perils and Pearls of Mediation (2010) 210 pages by Edward P. Ahrens, Jr.

“Ed has a way with words that helps bring the experience of mediation alive in a pithy, entertaining and typically humorous way. He is a household favorite of readers at” --John Ford, Managing Editor,

"Ed's 'Ed'sitorials' take us "behind the closed doors" of the mediation conference and offer insightful information about the inner workings of the mediation process. Ed's articles are filled with folksy good humor and practical tips for veteran attorneys and mediators…Like Mark Twain and Will Rogers, Ed's articles will educate and enlighten…[A] valuable and welcome addition to your ADR library." --Bruce A. Blitman, Esquire Certified County, Family and Circuit Mediator; Former President of The Florida Academy of Professional Mediators, Inc.

“With a canny sense of human nature and the art of mediations, Ed Ahrens entertains as he instructs both those who are involved as disputants and those assisting them to resolve their disputes. What a delightfully refreshing view of this most important aspect of our litigation system.” --Allene D. Nicholson, President, Florida Mediation Group
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