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Mediation in Family Disputes

Mediation in Family Disputes

Product Description

This is the authoritative textbook on family mediation. As well as mediators, this work will be indispensable for practitioners and scholars across a wide range of fields, including social work and law. It draws on a wide cross-disciplinary theoretical literature and on the author's extensive and continuing practice experience. It encompasses developments in policy, research and practice in the UK and beyond.Roberts presents mediation as an aid to joint decision-making in the context of a range of family disputes, notably those involving children. Mediation is seen as a process of intervention distinct from legal, social work and therapeutic practice, drawing on a distinctive body of knowledge across disciplinary fields including anthropology, psychology and negotiation theory. Drawing on empirical evidence, the book emphasises the value of mediation in mitigating the harmful effects of family breakdown and conflict.First published in 1988, this was a pioneering work. Now that the field is well established, the third edition has been fully updated to incorporate legal and policy developments in the UK and in Europe, new sociological and philosophical perspectives on respect, justice and conflict, and international research and practice innovations.

About the Author

Marian Roberts is qualified as a barrister, a social worker and has been in continuous practice as a family mediator since 1982. During the 1990s she was responsible for overseeing the creation and development of the National Family Mediation's professional practice framework and was co-manager of the first child protection mediation scheme to operate in the UK, funded by the Department of Health. She is a member of the Reunite Steering Group on Child Abduction and Mediation, a Governor of the UK College of Family Mediators and Chair of its Professional Standards Committee. She is also Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science and teaches additional Masters courses at the School of Oriental and African Studies and on the London University LL.M (Masters in Law) degree.

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