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Marketplace > Books > Books: Mediation (professional) > Divorce and Family Mediation: Models, Techniques,

Divorce and Family Mediation: Models, Techniques,

Divorce and Family Mediation: Models, Techniques,

"Folberg et al. have gathered into one comprehensive volume the experience, conceptual frameworks, and opinions of a large group of leaders who have emerged in the family mediation field over the past 25 years. These interdisciplinary authors provide in-depth views of multiple aspects of contemporary family and divorce mediation. Examined are different mediation models that are now practiced in diverse settings; techniques and strategies for managing communication, power, impasses, and common elements of the mediation process; and ways to deal with such special issues as domestic violence and working with children. This book will be enormously useful to students of dispute resolution, mediation trainers, and novice and experienced mediators seeking more clarity in an ever-expanding and changing field."--Joan B. Kelly, PhD, psychologist and past president, Academy of Family Mediators

"A terrific book--easily the best, most comprehensive text of its kind that I have seen. Having participated in the first family mediation in the Los Angeles County Conciliation Court in the early 1970's, I think this text marks the maturation of family mediation and defines it as an established profession. Included are contributions from most of the most respected and successful family mediators, beginning with basic theory and leading up to tangible advice about establishing a practice. Because of its breadth and depth, this is an excellent introductory text. It would be my first choice as a text in the training program for mediators we developed when I was the director of the Oregon Family Institute. It could also be used in courses dealing with families in transition within schools of social work or law and within a range of programs in mental health."--Hugh McIsaac, LCSW, Director (ret.), Oregon Family Institute, past Editor, Family and Conciliation Courts Review

"A landmark work in the field of conflict resolution. The authors, premier practitioners in family mediation, present a comprehensive overview of theories and approaches that can be successfully applied to resolve domestic disputes. They also share practical and effective strategies for addressing thorny issues, reaching agreements, and transforming conflict relationships for the good. This book should be read by experienced family mediators, and is highly suitable as an academic text to train the next generation of intermediaries."--Christopher Moore, PhD, author of The Mediation Process
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