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The Blackwell Handbook of Mediation

The Blackwell Handbook of Mediation

Product Description

This handbook invites readers who are interested in mediation, negotiation and conflict resolution to share the perspectives of experts in the field. Contributors include scholars, mediators, trainers and negotiators, all of whom are passionate about their work.

The handbook takes an interdisciplinary approach to mediation, emphasizing both internal and external factors as important sources of influence when negotiating conflicts. It explores the cultural and institutional frameworks that have shaped intervention processes; and it considers which intervention techniques might work when, how and why. Particular topics covered include: understanding variation in mediation programs; the dynamics of power in child custody mediation; pre-mediation strategies for dealing with strong emotions; and developing a conflict-positive organization.

The Blackwell Handbook of Mediation affirms that the study of mediation, negotiation and conflict resolution has moved beyond experimental research and descriptive analyses, into a more sophisticated domain.


"Margaret Herrman and her team have done an admirable job of sorting through what we know and what we don't know about the mediation of interpersonal disputes. They have built a comprehensive model integrating dozens of pertinent variables that seeks to link antecedent conditions, mediation practice, and short and long-term outcomes. Herrman has assembled contributions from many of the stars in the mediation field who examine the comprehensive model through the lens of framing and frame reflection, narrative, facework, interpersonal power, emotion, Social identity and organizational management. The Handbook of Mediation while not prescriptive, offers a 'platform for further theory testing' that will surely play an important part in helping to determine what makes mediators and mediations program effective." Lawrence Susskind, MIT-Harvard 

"The Blackwell Handbook of Mediation is an enormously important contribution to research, scholarship, and reflective practice. In a field marked by a vast range of intellectual traditions and arenas of practice, Margaret Herrman and her contributors have given us an indispensable resource and guide. - erudite, balanced, and respectful of dissenting perspectives." Kenneth Kressel, Rutgers University

"Peggy Herrman's book is a solid presentation of the best current thinking and research in our changing field. She has done brilliantly what good mediators do: present the different perspectives, define the issues, and ask, "where do we go from here?" Betty McManus, National Conflict Resolution Center

"Judging from the quality of the contributions to the Handbook, Herrman's model is a smashing success."-- Howard Gadlin, in the AAA Dispute Resolution Journal