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A History of Alternative Dispute Resolution

A History of Alternative Dispute Resolution

A History of Alternative Dispute Resolution offers a comprehensive review of the various types of peaceful practices for resolving conflicts. Written by Jerome Barrett--a longtime practitioner, innovator, and leading historian in the field of ADR--and his son Joseph Barrett, this volume traces the evolution of the ADR process and offers an overview of the precursors to ADR, including negotiation, arbitration, and mediation. The authors explore the colorful beginnings of ADR using illustrative examples from prehistoric Shaman through the European Law Merchant. In addition, the book offers the historical context for the use of ADR in the arenas of diplomacy and business.

“The Barretts’ historical perspective demonstrates vividly that the ‘ADR movement’ stems from roots that are deep and long-standing. The book is an informative treatise that highlights ADR’s diverse precursors, as well as its dramatic recent expansion and future promise.”
--Charles Pou, Jr., Charles Pou Dispute Resolution Services, Washington, D.C.; former director, Dispute Resolution Program, Administrative Conference of the U.S.

“This book’s important message--that dispute resolution’s proponents need to pay more attention to the field’s surprisingly long and checkered history--is illustrated by a trove of wide-ranging and lively stories.”
--Chris Honeyman, mediator, arbitrator, and founder, Convenor Conflict Resolution, Madison, Wisconsin

“Barrett provides a fascinating account of the history of dispute resolution. From ancient Greece to the twenty-first century, sustainable solutions to conflicting interests have seldom resulted from raw exercise of power.”
--John Stepp, former FMCS mediator and former assistant secretary of labor, Washington, D.C.

“For senior practitioners as well as those new to the ADR community, Barrett’s book makes an important contribution to an understanding of where this dynamic field has been and what lies ahead for it.”
--Wallace Warfield, associate professor, George Mason University, Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution and former president of SPIDR, Fairfax, Virginia

“Anyone who cares about alternative dispute resolution and its historical roots must read Jerry Barrett’s excellent book. Here is someone who was there, almost at the creation, and who has seen how this field has grown, expanded, and changed and who has made great contributions to this field.”
--Eileen Hoffman, mediator, trainer, adjunct professor of ADR, George Washington University Law School and former SPIDR president, Washington, D.C.

“Finally, a history of our growing profession! Anyone who negotiates, mediates, arbitrates, or leads collaborative or consensus-building efforts will learn from this fascinating history of one of the oldest professional activities--organizing dialogue and making peace.”
--Juliana E. Birkhoff, senior mediator, RESOLVE, Washington, D.C.

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