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Marketplace > Books > Books: Systems & Workplace > Emerging Systems for Managing Workplace Conflict

Emerging Systems for Managing Workplace Conflict

Emerging Systems for Managing Workplace Conflict

Emerging Systems of Managing Workplace Conflict presents illustrative real-life examples as well as cutting-edge methods and tools for integrating systems of dispute resolution into standard corporate procedures. This vital resource investigates the systems organizations have developed to manage common and costly workplace conflicts involving supervisor-employee relationships; race, age, and gender discrimination complaints; sexual harassment; occupational safety and health; reasonable accommodation of the disabled; and wrongful termination as well as other problems stemming from governmental regulations and court actions.

"Lucidly written and thoughtfully researched, Emerging Systems of Managing Workplace Conflict is a perfect resource manual for CEOs and managers interested in learning about alternative dispute resolution in the workplace."
— David A. Hart, CEO, Association for Conflict Resolution

"This book makes a major contribution to the expanding body of empirical information about how alternative dispute resolution techniques are being used in American corporations. It is practical and specific and should be read by everyone with an interest in reducing the cost of conflict in the workplace."
— Robert C. Barrett, director, California Dispute Resolution Institute,
University of San Francisco

"Managing conflicts is so much a part of corporate and institutional life— and is so often handled without creativity. The authors offer a comprehensive picture of conflict management— its history, current practice, and future prospects. As you move through their work you are struck by the need to shape a culture that supports win/win outcomes and uses processes, like ADR, only after the individual stakeholders have thought fully executed the spirit of conflict resolution through their daily behavior."
— Harold W. Burlingame, senior executive advisor, AT&T; Wireless and former executive vice president, Human Resources, AT&T;

"This is a unique work that provides a complete framework for effectively managing workplace conflict. The authors have achieved a creative blend of research, strategic thinking, and practical application. This should be mandatory reading if you are responsible for innovation or accountable for results dealing with inevitable conflicts that arise out of highly complex and increasingly interdependent organizational relationships."
— Dennis Donovan, executive vice president for human resources, The Home Depot

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