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The Skilled Negotiator

The Skilled Negotiator

In The Skilled Negotiator Kathleen Reardon engagingly describes how to expand on negotiation strategies and develop language skills to enhance success in negotiation. The book is filled with real-life examples   revealing how to detect subtleties in manner and speech that negotiation novices fail to notice. You'll learn how to identify the 'choice points' that occur during negotiations, how to influence and redirect the conversation to address what you need and ultimately get what you want.   The author helps you:

  • Identify your negotiation style and its limitations
  • Use language strategically whether you're being subtle or direct
  • Recognize deception and manage it
  • Position and persuade artfully
  • Effectively negotiate one-on-one and in teams
  • Deal constructively with your own and others—heated emotions

“When I negotiate on behalf of my children’s charities, I cannot offer what most people in business want: personal advantage or money. I can only appeal to selflessness and to caring about a shared future through doing best by children. Kathleen Reardon has been my negotiating mentor in three charities over twenty years; with her help we have raised over $150 million and we help over 125,000 children each month! Negotiating is an art and science: its skills can be learned . . . and Dr. Reardon is its best teacher.”
—Peter Samuelson, founder, Starlight Children’s Foundation, First Star Public Policy Initiative

“Rarely is a topic so critical to business as negotiation advanced as far as Reardon has done. Her book is an exceptional breakout of the craft. Wish I’d had it years ago.”
—Tania A. Modic, managing director, Western Investments Capital

“Kathleen Kelly Reardon is a skilled negotiator both in the sense of coming to a win-win situation with others, but also using her considerable intellect to negotiate the currents of life. The Skilled Negotiator is a book, therefore, written by a skilled negotiator. Highly recommended!”
—Tony Buzan, author, The Mind Map Book

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