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Beyond Neutrality:

Beyond Neutrality:

This important book takes a critical look at conflict resolution (mediation, arbitration, and other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution). The author asks What's wrong with conflict resolution? Why aren't more individuals and organizations using conflict resolution whenever they have a problem? Why doesn't the public know more about it? What are the limits of conflict resolution? When is conflict resolution not the best way to find a solution? When has conflict resolution been misused and why? How can conflict resolution practitioners understand their correct role and do a better job? Mayer is the author of bestselling book The Dynamics of Conflict Resolution ( 0-7879-5019-X). 

“In this passionate and provocative book, Bernie Mayer challenges the field of conflict resolution to reinvent itself so as to include advocacy and engagement at its core. Mayer practices what he preaches by engaging us in a vital discussion sure to stir productive controversy.”
--William Ury, co-author, Getting to Yes and author, The Third Side

“Takes us into challenging and potentially transforming territory by shedding light on how too narrow a commitment to neutrality or an exclusive focus on ‘resolving’ disputes can limit our usefulness in the clashes of passion, positions, and power struggles inherent in how people actually confront (and avoid) their deepest conflicts.”
--Gail Bingham, president, RESOLVE, Inc.

“As professional fields develop, people look back and identify a few books that stand out because they marked turning points wherein the stroke of a pen incisively pushed both theory and practice to a higher plane of understanding and purpose. Beyond Neutrality will mark such a place for the conflict resolution field in the first decade of this century.”
--John Paul Lederach, professor, the Kroc Institute and Eastern Mennonite University

“This book will inspire conversations that will shape our field for years to come.”
--David Hart, CEO, Association for Conflict Resolution

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