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Bringing Peace Into the Room

Bringing Peace Into the Room

Bringing Peace Into the Room examines the personal qualities that make a mediator effective. The eminent authors of this volume go beyond traditional descriptions of academic training, theoretical orientation, and refinement of technique to confront issues related to personal temperament and the crucial psychological, intellectual and spiritual qualities of the mediation professional— qualities that are often the most potent elements of successful mediation. In this comprehensive resource, Daniel Bowling and David Hoffman bring together a stellar panel of practitioners, academics, teachers, and trainers in the field— Michele LeBaron, Kenneth Cloke, Robert Benjamin, Don Saposnek, Sara Cobb, Peter Adler, Jonathan Reitman, Lois Gold, Marvin Johnson, and others— ¾who share their personal experiences as mediators. Each contributor demonstrates that at the very heart of conflict resolution is the subtle interaction between the parties and the mediator's personal and authentic style.

"Ever wonder what personal qualities make a mediator effective? Read this wonderfully thought-provoking book for rich insights and diverse perspectives, valuable for novices and experienced practitioners alike."
— William Ury, co-author Getting to Yes, author The Third Side

"An important contribution about not just what we do but who we are as mediators. The authors reexamine often overlooked first premises. A must read for any self-reflective peacemaker."
— Eric D. Green, Law professor, co-founder, Endispute, Inc. and Resolutions, LLC.

"Finally, a book that touches on the heart of the mystery of mediation. Bowling, Hoffman and company have opened vistas for all mediators to use as touchstones for their work."
— Gary Friedman, co-founder and director of the Center for Mediation in Law

"This book is a must-read for both masters and novices in the field. Without ignoring the important issues of competency and credentialing, this book forces us to try to understand what we do at a level that surveys and
questionnaires cannot uncover. It is a gem that will gleam for many years to come."
— Homer La Rue, arbitrator, mediator, law professor

"Anyone curious about how a skilled and self-aware mediator can help people in conflict will want to read this book. Drawing on philosophy, psychology, the arts, and education, the authors explore how mediators can bring real and lasting value to people in conflict."
— Susan Hackley, managing director, Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School

"This rich collection of essays offers an array of perspectives on the mediator's dynamic effect on the parties and their conflict. It will provoke reflection and provide insight for even the most experienced mediators about who we are, what we do, and why it matters."
— Marjorie Aaron, mediator and law professor

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