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Marketplace > Academic Programs > Nova Southeastern University

Nova Southeastern University

Nova Southeastern University
Nova Southeastern University

The Nova M.S. in Conflict Analysis & Resolution is designed to train reflective professionals in the practice, design, and evaluation of a variety of conflict resolution applications. The M.S. program focuses on pragmatic approaches to solving problems inherent in human social relations. Students are exposed to a wide array of techniques and strategies to help people achieve nonviolent, nonlitigious solutions for conflicts that arise in many personal, professional, organizational, and social environments. The M.S. program consists of a 15 course (45 credits) sequence that includes conflict resolution theory, practice skills, field placement, research design, and program evaluation Students may elect to complete a general course of student or pursue concentrations in the following areas: # Conflict & Crisis Management # Culture and Ethnic Conflict # Health Care Conflict Resolution # International Peace and Conflict # Organizational and School ConflictNova Southeastern University is a dynamic, not-for-profit independent institution dedicated to providing high-quality educational programs of distinct

Nova Southeastern University
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33314
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