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Bridging Cultural Conflicts Bridging Cultural Conflicts
Michelle LeBaron's approach in Bridging Cultural Conflicts is human, practical, and adaptable to a wide range of interpersonal, community, organizational, and political conflicts.
Resolving Identity-Based Conflict Resolving Identity-Based Conflict
Presenting a brilliant new approach to conflict resolution that will intrigue and inform practitioners and scholars alike. Writing from his remarkable range of academic and real-world experiences.
Bridging Troubled Waters Bridging Troubled Waters
Bridging Troubled Waters is about a robust and holistic approach to resolving conflict. It begins where much of the currently accepted theory and practice in the field leaves off.
A Handbook of International Peacebuilding A Handbook of International Peacebuilding
This much-needed handbook offers conflict resolution professionals working in foreign countries a critical, step-by-step guide for dealing with difficult and potentially dangerous situations.
Are We Done Fighting? Are We Done Fighting?
Building Understanding in a World of Hate and Division
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