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A Handbook of International Peacebuilding A Handbook of International Peacebuilding
This much-needed handbook offers conflict resolution professionals working in foreign countries a critical, step-by-step guide for dealing with difficult and potentially dangerous situations.
Resolving Identity-Based Conflict Resolving Identity-Based Conflict
Presenting a brilliant new approach to conflict resolution that will intrigue and inform practitioners and scholars alike. Writing from his remarkable range of academic and real-world experiences.
Bridging Troubled Waters Bridging Troubled Waters
Bridging Troubled Waters is about a robust and holistic approach to resolving conflict. It begins where much of the currently accepted theory and practice in the field leaves off.
Bridging Cultural Conflicts Bridging Cultural Conflicts
Michelle LeBaron's approach in Bridging Cultural Conflicts is human, practical, and adaptable to a wide range of interpersonal, community, organizational, and political conflicts.
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