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Facts, Issues, Options and Solutions: Facts, Issues, Options and Solutions:
The Collaboration of Law and Mediation
By Dr. Ralph Steele
Her Place at the Table Her Place at the Table
Does she have the right stuff? That question follows women whenever they are promoted to visible leadership positions. Her Place at the Table lays out the pragmatic moves that can help any woman.
Getting Past No Getting Past No
A guide to successful negotiation shows readers how to stay cool under pressure, stand up for themselves without provoking opposition, deal with underhanded tactics, find agreeable options, and more .
Getting to Yes Getting to Yes
Revised second edition, with new material, of worldwide million-seller by members of the Harvard Negotiation Project.
Improvisational Negotiation Improvisational Negotiation
Improvisational Negotiation presents an original approach for mediators, negotiators, and other dispute resolution professionals.
The Skilled Negotiator The Skilled Negotiator
In The Skilled Negotiator Kathleen Reardon engagingly describes how to expand on negotiation strategies and develop language skills to enhance success in negotiation. The book is filled with real-life
Negotiating at an Uneven Table Negotiating at an Uneven Table
Phyllis Beck Kritek explores the process of resolving conflicts in situations where unacknowledged inequity influences disputes and their outcomes.
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