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Self-Centered Co-Parenting: Self-Centered Co-Parenting:
Managing an Uncooperative Co-parent

Practical Conflict Management for an Uncooperative Co-parent

Conflict - The Unexpected Gift Conflict - The Unexpected Gift
Making the Most of Disputes in Life and Work
Third Edition

By Jack Hamilton and Elisabeth Seaman

An Essential Communication Handbook

Peace at Work Peace at Work
The HR Manager's Guide to Workplace Mediation
Proven, practical, step by step guidance on how to bring the skill of mediation into the workplace. The book is suitable for HR
Are We Done Fighting? Are We Done Fighting?
Building Understanding in a World of Hate and Division
You Make Your Parents Super Happy You Make Your Parents Super Happy
A comforting graphic book for young children whose parents are separating, emphasizing love and continuity
DIY Conflict Resolution DIY Conflict Resolution
Seven Choices and Five Actions of a Master
"You Don't Have to Wait for Litigation to Use Mediation Techniques!"

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Family-Centered Parenting Plan Family-Centered Parenting Plan
Keeping Kids Central, Not Caught in the Middle
by Karen Bonnell & Elise Buie

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Ed'sitorials on Mediation
Ed'sitorials on Mediation
Ed'sitorials on Mediation
A Curmudgeon's Wit and Wisdom On the Perils and Pearls of Mediation
Facts, Issues, Options and Solutions: Facts, Issues, Options and Solutions:
The Collaboration of Law and Mediation
By Dr. Ralph Steele
Conflict Resolution at Work for Dummies Conflict Resolution at Work for Dummies
A practical workplace guide to handling conflict effectively. Managing employees and encouraging them to work together toward a common goal is an essential skill that all leaders should possess. Co
It’s All Your Fault! It’s All Your Fault!
12 Tips for Managing People
Written by mediator, attorney, and therapist, Bill Eddy, this book helps conflict resolvers understand the logic of high-conflict disputes and how to manage th
Unhooked Books, LLC
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The Mediator's Toolkit: The Mediator's Toolkit:
Formulating and Asking of Questions for Successful Outcomes.

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Passing On: What's Fair in Family Inheritance? Passing On: What's Fair in Family Inheritance?
by Ruth Dixon-Mueller
Essential reading for mediators and facilitators of family conversations around the emotional fraught issues of estate planning and the division of parental belongings

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War Waged with Kisses War Waged with Kisses
Negotiation and Mediation for Realists
The Embodiment of Nonviolent Communication Principles in Aikido: An elicitive approach to conflict transformation

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