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Managing Conflict at Home During COVID-19

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This links to a free course for practitioners, or to show to their clients as a resource, for resolving home conflict during the quarantine. 

This course helps the participant to understand what conflict is and understand what causes conflict. It then illustrates how the same kind of conflict can have different outcomes and guides participants through actions they can take to manage conflict at home.

There is an optional quiz at the end of the course, for practitioners that want to require this before mediation. 

The course is available here.

Managing conflict at home during COVID-19


What is conflict?

What Causes Conflict?

Same Conflict Issue, Different Outcomes

How To Manage My Conflict


Sarah Ater

Sarah Ater is a Judiciary Accredited Mediator serving in the court annexed mediation program. She has keen interest in promoting work place mediation and exploring how mediation can contribute to sustaining resources in the coastal region.  MORE >

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