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Thinking of Becoming A Mediator?

Lynn MacBeth has been offering her approved Basic Family Mediation Training since 2004. The training is approved by the Assn. for Conflict Resolution Academy of Family Mediators and meets the training requirement of PA R.C.P. 1940.4. and includes 16 hours of mediation role-plays required for federal court mediators.  The training also meets the mediation training requirement of CLASP and Generations.  Lynn MacBeth has trained hundreds of attorneys, students, mental health professionals, financial professionals and others to be mediators. She has conducted trainings throughout the state of Pennsylvania. 

Upcoming trainings:


MAY-JUNE 2019 Training Dates: May 20, 21, and June 4, 5, and 6 at 9:00 am - 5:30 pm

Lunch and Continental Breakfast provided
Location: Law & Finance Building, Downtown Pittsburgh
Cost: $1,375
Available:  Up to 36 hours Pa. CLE including 2 hours of ethics (Add $1.50 per hour or $54 for entire 36 hours).

Trainees may take the 5 days of the training from different sessions if unable to take all 5 days of one training.  For example, if you have to miss Day 4 of a training, you can make up Day 4 at a subsequent training.

There are on average 2-4 sessions per year.

To sign up, or for more information call or email:

412-303-2505 (Eastern Time Zone)

Read what recent trainees have said about the training:

“Excellent all around.  Never bored once. Extremely knowledgeable on subject matter and beyond.”  

“Beyond expectations! The case studies were great to synthesize material. The passion Lynn has for this work is clearly demonstrated and was such a pleasure to learn from her expertise.”

“I attend a lot of conferences.  This was by far the most interesting and best presentation ever!”

“Very enjoyable and very informative.  A wonderful learning atmosphere.” 

“Patient with beginners.” 

“I now feel as if I can truly mediate.”  

“Lynn was engaging and kept our interest. She did a great job of introducing mediation concepts and helping us all apply our newly learned skills in a safe and encouraging environment.”

 “Very eye-opening to those who don’t directly work with children.”

"I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the training.  Great videos and hands-on teaching. Lynn is an excellent mediator and teacher."  

The five-day (40 hour) course is approved by the Association for Conflict Resolution Academy of Family Mediators and meets the training requirement for court-appointed mediators under Pa. R.C.P. 1940.4.  It includes 16 hours of mediation simulations as required by the U.S. District Court for Western District of PA's training standards.  In addition, the course includes 2 hours of Mediation Ethics and 2 hours of Domestic Violence training.  

Students will learn about various theories and styles of mediation, current ethical concerns, and will become familiar with the public debate about mediation issues. Leading edge theory of conflict, power, and family dynamics are introduced and applied to mediation practice in case examples, role play scenarios and demonstrations that will build practice skills and techniques. Simulations done before the entire class are unique to this training; students have the opportunity to watch the instructor mediate a case; to perform  role plays, and to be critiqued (if invited) by the instructor. Feedback from students about this teaching method has been overwhelmingly positive. Students will receive a Certificate of Attendance having completed the basic mediation requirements set by the Association for Conflict Resolution Academy of Family Mediators, recognized by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court as the training standard for court-appointed mediators. Mediation and communication skills for all types of mediation are included. The substantive areas of Divorce and Family mediation are covered, including: Divorce law, Support, Alimony, Property Distribution, Child Custody, Court Procedures, Communicating with Attorneys, Professional Ethics, and Marketing a Mediation Practice.

All students will receive Lynn MacBeth's book The Art of Family Mediation: Theory and Practice, revised and in its second edition for 2015.



Payment and Refund policies

Payment in full is due 2 weeks before training starts.  Payment is by cash, check or  credit card through Paypal. Refunds may be given prior to the first day of training subject to a $75 administrative fee.  After class begins, there are no refunds and students may take a future training.  If, after class begins, the course is cancelled by the trainer due to unavoidable and unforeseen circumstances, class shall be rescheduled.  If class cannot be rescheduled, a refund may be issued but only in the amount of $200 per day for each cancelled day.


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